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May 11, 2014 07:51 AM

trip report Montreal may2-4th

First thanks to all the CH members who helped us. We spent a weekend in Montreal May 2-4. Stayed at the Nelligan in old Montreal. Arrived noon friday with another couple. They have never been to Montreal or traveled much outside the states. We just wanted something light for lunch so we walked to Creperie CHez Suzette. The lobster bisque was rich while the Escargot was ok. Sandwiches and crepes were average but the staff was friendly. Started 5@7 on the rooftop terrasse at The Nelligan. great to be outside(a long winter for everyone.) Special Sangria made by Vincent was excellent. Gentleman Jack /Campari/ peach schnapps/white cranberry/lime/bitters/splash of sprite/lychee garnish was very refreshing. DInner friday at Au Pied de Cochon. We stopped on the way at Reservoir for a drink. Beers very good IPA good hop but not too much. Cocktails for wives just ok. Nice vibe and friendly staff would go back for beers anytime. Short walk over to APDC. Loved this place. We started with the Foie Gras cromesquis. Duck Carpaccio and Foie Gras Poutine. all excellent and easily accepted by our southern friends(i was worried before we arrived in Montreal how they would like the rich food). My wife was getting full so her main was the Onion Soup which was terrific. I had the Happy Pork Chop which had mushrooms sauerkraut and a wonderful sauce. My friends ordered the PDC special of the night for two. It was a leg of pig slow cooked but with crispy skin glazed with a maple syrup sauce(end of sugar shack menu). It was fall off the bone tender and the maple syrup was wow. The staff drinks etc all were top notch. Our friends loved it so much they went back 2 nights later. The next morning my wife and I walked down to Olive and gourmando. I was still full from dinner so i tried my wifes fresh fruit and housemade Sweet Ricotta. The ricotta with orange zest sea salt and honey on toast was really wonderful. nice light start to our day. Lunch was at Schwartz's deli. We split a sandwich with fries a pickle and a red soda. Was told to try the sandwich lean but looking back it was alittle too lean for me. Next time I will change it up. Really good sandwich but after being there once wouldn't wait in line again. There are too many places in Montreal for travelers to try. Dinner sat night was at Lemeac. This is a more formal French Brasserie than APDC. The mushroom ravioli,escargot and soups were all very good. Duck leg Confit and lobster risotto were the entrees we enjoyed. Very traditional and not as rich as the night before.(loved APDC but 2 nights in a row would be too much for us). Dessert was split and it was a favorite of our wives. French toast with ice cream and maple syrup. Enjoyed the whole evening here but if i had only 1 night in Montreal it would be APDC for sure. Our last taste of Montreal was sunday morning at Mamie clafoutis on St-Denis. The almond croissant and cranberry tart were excellent. But it was the olive bread that really made me happy. It is hard to find fresh bread made with olives and this bread was loaded with different types of them. Our trip was excellent and the people of Montreal are always very friendly.(even when they found out I am a Pittsburgh Pens fan) . Thanks alot especially Capt Crunch,Fintastic,lagatta and Maximilian

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  1. My pleasure!

    Thank you for taking the time to do a trip report! It is much appreciated!!

    1. Great report! Thanks for getting back to us.. I'm glad your friends were so happy with APDC.
      It's too bad about the lame lean recommendation. One must get at least a "medium" at Schwartz's, otherwise the sandwich is always far too dry. If it was the meat-slicer who gave you the suggestion, he was probably trying to get rid of an abundance of unclaimed cuts.

      1. Great report, makes me hungry just reading it, and very cool to know that those who have ordered the PDC are happy to go back again. What did they get the second time?

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          they ate duck in a can, duck tart with mushroom gravy and a ham steak with maple syrup and potatos. loved everything.

        2. That pain perdu desert at Lemeac is possibly my favourite desert on the planet. Thank you for reporting back on your experiences in our city.

          1. Too funny! We are following in your footsteps…did Schwartz's today (and ps, husband ordered lean, I got medium and we agreed I won!). Really good pickle they have there. Also we stopped at La Maison du Bagel, and we are both New Yorkers and agreed it might be the best bagel we ever had. Fresh out of the oven, hot and dense. Tomorrow night we go to APDC so thanks for all the recos on the food!

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            1. re: jb425

              Schwartz uses Putter's pickles, you can find them in the refrigerated section, normally near processed meats like hot dogs, pepperoni & bacon. They will surely have them at the Metro store at de la Montagne/Notre Dame.

              1. re: C70

                Thanks for letting me know! Also, for other Chowers out there, we had a magnificent dinner at Club Chasse et Pesce last night. Had the stuffed zuccini flower special app and the grilled octopus. Then husband had the surf and turf and I had the special fish (last night it was yellowtail). Ended with the chocolate dessert whack was divine. Special shout-out to Phillip our young sommelier who could not have been more lovely and more knowledgable.