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May 11, 2014 07:27 AM

The Briar Rose-Hyde Park

The Briar Rose in Hyde Park is now open. I've been told that the grand opening will happen at some point next week. (American fare.)

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    1. 1300 hyde park ave. The old Mario's and then Annabelle's space.

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      1. re: SOBoston

        I looked up their web site and there's nothing on it yet. I'm in Hyde Park fairly often and there hasn't been any publicity on it yet. Do you know who it is that's opening it?

        1. re: catsmeow

          I know that the new owner has no relation to the previous owners. I am assuming that they will be making an announcement at some point soon.

      2. Saw they just this week applied for a take-out license.
        Also noticed a sign up that they are open for lunch.

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        1. re: gardgen

          It is now open for sure.... went by and the signs are up.