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May 11, 2014 07:21 AM

Beef heart

Just how far will I have to travel from La Jolla to find raw beef heart?

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  1. Check the nearest Mexican market, which is probably Clairmont.

    Talk to either Latin Chef or Q'ro to see if they are doing antichucho on their menu and ask if they'll sell you however much you need

    If all else fails, Iowa Meat Farms can get it, but you have to buy the whole heart.

    1. just curious, how do you prepare it? I bought some once (my supermarket stocks it) because I read it's the "secret ingredient" to some famous hot dog joint's chili.It did make it very beefy tasting.

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        As honkman mentioned, I want to try making it anticucho-style. All the versions I've had in Peru have ranged from very good to amazing.

        I've had it a lot as thin slices, but the giant hunks of heart I've been eating have been remarkably tender.

        1. Talk with the guys at the WF meat counter - they are willing to order stuff, e.g. before they expanded their selection they didn't have pork belly but were willing to order (your trip to Peru seems to be inspiring)

          1. Zion Market provides a good selection of offal cuts.