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May 11, 2014 12:37 AM

Hungry Investors

New on the Spike Network. It's Shark Hunt with John Besh, Tiffany Derry and Jon Taffer, where chefs cook off to win investment in their restaurant. Haven't caught it yet but I have tonight's episodes scheduled for recording. Anyone seen it yet?

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  1. I dvrd the first episode. Made it through about 5 minutes and deleted it. I thought it was horrible

    1. Saw the first episode last week. It's pretty much like all of the other (how many are there now?) makeover shows.

      Taffer is basically the same as he was on Bar Rescue but it saddens me to see John Besh mixed up in this. I love his restaurants, his cookbooks, but he is just not a good TV personality.

      So overall, pretty boring.

      1. Ugh. Yeah, I hate to waste food television, but I'm not finishing this.

        1. I've watched a couple of episodes on I made it through both episodes. The bar b q episode made me kind of sad because I think they picked the wrong restaurant to help, altho they did give the one they didn't pick some new equipment and a lot of help and advice.
          I find it hard to watch John Besh have to argue with the likes of Tapper and Derry to try to get his point across. Derry I'm sure is very knowledgable, I just can't put her on the same scale as I do Besh. Who knows? Maybe she's a better cook and businesswoman. I'd be curious to see what kind of contract the businesses that are "invested" in have to sign.

          1. Even though this show bores me to tears, I somehow haven't given up entirely. And I was rewarded(?) with Sunday's episode, where a sushi chef was doing "penis shots" behind the counter (followed by an unflattering up-nose shot of a mortified Derry).

            I'll probably slog through the remainder of this season (which will probably be the only one), because I do like everyone involved, but generally there's nothing really to say about most of the episodes. I do like that the "investors" won't have "their" money used to pay a restaurant owner's debts.

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            1. re: yarncake

              LOL I haven't watched the sushi episode yet. I've just made it through the bbq, burgers and taco episodes.
              It's already very formulatic and I feel like of course all those screaming arguments between the "investors" are set up.

              1. re: Firegoat

                It's already very formulatic and I feel like of course all those screaming arguments between the "investors" are set up.

                What?! A SCRIPTED reality show? Say it ain't so!