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May 10, 2014 09:28 PM

bookends in NYC

have layover in NY October 22 just long enough to sneak out for a late lunch near JFK. This is a key meal, jet-lagwise, because it will be dinner time in France and want to start getting on that schedule. Need not be fancy, just accessible and quick.

The return flight arrives 8:05pm on 11/17 so proximity and kitchen closing time are key. The return layover gives us almost a day in NY. We have not yet booked a hotel.

We fly out next day at 5pm so time for only dinner Nov 17 and lunch Nov 18. So what area and restos make sense given the time constraints?

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  1. JFK has lots of dining options

    If you want to leave JFK, there is really good NY style pizza at New Park Pizza in Howard Beach.

    The highway traffic is always awful, especially between 2 -7 pm.

    This question comes up fairy regularly on this board. If you search JFK (search box top right of this page), you will find more threads and recommendations.

      1. Two lunch options not far from JFK:

        Mataheko for Ghanaian (, I enjoyed that peanut "soup"—spicy and filling. Goat kebabs are good, too.

        Spicy Lanka for Sri Lankan (, Newish place that the 'hounds have been talking about. Sounds great.