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Fage Greek yogurt too thick?

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OK, so I know Greek yogurt is thicker than regular. That's the point, right? But I had a big bowl of Fage 2% this morning and it seemed really, really thick. Like I had a hard time getting it down. I was eating it plain; does it help to put something in it? And why do they suggest such a large serving size?

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  1. It is really thick; it's supposed to be. However, it does feel a little like eating a bowl of sour cream if you eat it plain (I like sour cream, but 6-8 oz of it would be hard to eat with a spoon). Putting some fruit in it definitely breaks up the texture a bit - you could also add pesto, salsa or chopped vegetables if you prefer it savory.

    1. This is why I don't like Greek yogurt.

      1. I love Greek yogurt, but the only way I can eat it is with a ton of honey in it.

        1. Wallaby Greek yogurt has similar protein content at about 20g for the same serving size but is significantly runnier and isn't quite as tart while being a little more sour. It's been on sale at my Whole Foods lately so I switched from Fage.

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            Also, while we're on the topic of Greek yogurt, my favorite topping for it is pomegranate molasses. The tartness actually plays very well.

          2. If you don't like it, then don't eat it.

            Life's too short.

            1. I can't even handle the little samples at Costco. It feels like I'm eating paste (which I might have done 30 or so years back. . .) I hope this Greek fad passes cause it's getting hard to find normal, plain yogurt these days

              1. The Fage in the quart containers isn't quite as thick as the Fage in the pint containers. Not sure if they mean it to be that way.

                It is much better to eat with some kind of sweetener or fruit. I don't know why, but their stated serving size on the bigger plain yogurt containers is larger than on their single-serving flavored containers.

                1. What's the suggested serving size? I love plain Fage Greek yogurt, but I don't think even I could eat a "big bowl" all by itself. I like it with fruit and cereal added but no sweetener.

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                      So they can have huge protein content per serving.

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                        Is "serving size is 1 cup" from the qt size container? My individual size container is 6 ozs, and it's listed as "1 serving."

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                          The individual cups are different than the larger containers another reason why the listed suggested serving size is irrelevant.

                    2. A friend of mine who also thinks it's too thick calls it Fage Against The Machine.

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                        Jon Stewart used that as a caption in the story about NY naming yogurt as the state snack, LOL

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                          Ah! Is that hows its pronounced? Rhythms with rage. Just thinking that was a bad name for a product esp yogurt. Never heard of the stuff.

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                            Fage is pronounced fa-yeh. If memory serves, the pronunciation is on the tub.

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                              The way Bobby Flay says it in the commercial I've seen a few times.

                        2. The individual cups are 6oz, yet the larger container suggests 8oz- which is a lot for me. Who cares what the serving says? Eat a portion that's right for you.
                          Fage is thicker than some but also significantly higher in protein than similar yogurts from competitors.
                          I like to add defrosted raspberries and some of the juice from them defrosting to the yogurt which thins it a bit. You could also just mix in a little splash of milk.

                          I always add berries to my yogurt instead of any honey or jam but chopped apple, pear, or whatever fruit you like is great too.

                          Oh! When you open the yogurt after a day to take another serving some of the whey seperates out- stir it back into the yogurt to make it creamier and smoother, maybe you poured it off initially?

                          1. Eat the quantity you want to eat -- it's not like they're going to come crashing into your house and confiscate your yogurt because you didn't consume the recommended serving size.

                            Stir it -- like sour cream, it will loosen as you stir it.

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                              This is like the only time someone is upset about a "too big" serving size. Every other day people ignore it and consume an entire bag of something regardless of serving size. We have choice here, people.

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                                and we all know (and have discussed here on many, many threads) that serving sizes are entirely arbitrary, and may or may not have anything at all to do with the amount someone might really consume.

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                                  Yes, this, ^^

                                  I recall when most yogurt cups were 8oz, period (complete with non eco-friendly plastic lids) . In my neck of the woods, it was Columbo yogurt that was the popular brand (local and good). The cup size got smaller before the family sold the business---8 to 6oz, similar to the packaging trends of smaller boxes of pasta, cans of coffee, etc.

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                                    I have to say I HATE those new yogurt lids. They tear too easily.

                              2. I like it. My favorite yogurt (Siggi's) is actually even thicker than Fage. I never eat it plain but usually mix in chia seeds.

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                                  I absolutely LOVE Siggi's and I'll happily eat it plain but sometimes a sprinkling of naughty dark chocolate granola gets tossed on top.

                                  I bought a container of Fage this week and was surprised by how thick it is- great for tzatziki but I actually prefer it thinned with plain old water. I've been mixing the Fage with water and chia seeds plus layers of nuts/seeds and berries on top in a jelly jar for breakfast. By the time I get to work the chia seeds have plumped up thanks to the extra liquid.

                                2. I eat regular Fage now, because I like it better plain than the reduced fat or non fat varieties. But as with any plain yogurt, you can't easily eat too much before feeling full. At least I can"t. The serving size is given as 1 C but there is not way that I can eat that much at once. I eat several tablespoons before bed,sometimes with a little jam or sunflower seeds.

                                  1. Imo, it's way to thick to just pop the top and eat it. But it's great for tzatziki! The lemon and cucumber will water it down, so it ends up perfect. That's the only time I buy it.

                                    1. It would never occur to me that I had to eat what the carton declares to be the serving size. :) My typical serving of Fage is 3 heaping tablespoons (a little less than 1/4 cup). I like it plain, but I am also partial to mixing in pomegranate seeds. I use Fage in cooking all the time, and I'm really glad for the thickness then - especially since it's practically impossible for me to find good full-fat thick dairy products in the US.

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                                        Plain non-fat Fage with pomegranate and flax seed is all of a sudden my favorite thing. The whole is much greater than the sum of its parts, and the parts are all pretty great.

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                                          Flax seeds! I'm adding that today. Great idea!

                                      2. Thanks for the suggestions! The last couple mornings I've eaten it with defrosted berries and a little sugar which has been great. I've cut my serving size down from the recommended 227 grams (8 oz) to 150 grams (5 oz), which seams like plenty. (I weigh almost all foods that come out of a package; it's too easy to end up with a bowl full of several servings of cereal, ice cream, etc.)