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May 10, 2014 05:46 PM

dinner in Brussles

staying at Hotel A La Grande Cloche for one night and looking for that perfectly representative meal. trouble is, I honestly dont know what that would look like. does anyone have a good handle on Belgian cuisine, and where it is to be had in Brussels? the beer I know, but the food has me stumped...

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  1. dear eli,
    when will this be?

    You could step out of Grande cloche hotel en walk straight across the square, some 30 meters, and be at Comme chez Soi, one of the classiest tables in town. Two stars and strong on seasonal produce. I bet their menu right now will include Belgian specialties like white asparagus, morels, young eel, hop-shoots, grey shrimps, strawberries.
    Not a budget option, not really. But good.