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May 10, 2014 05:28 PM

Cheap breakfast near Yonge/Eglington

Looking for cheap sit down breakfast near Y&E. Was thinking @ Mars Diner but read some poor reviews. Any place in the area for a good breakfast? Looking for something more formal than Aroma. Thanks.

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  1. Pickle Barrel? Or Sunset Grill?

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    1. re: Idas

      Bah!! Neither!

      prima is right. Good Bite.

      Also, I haven't been... but Hannah's Kitchen has been around forever. New location looks nice. Breakfast menu looked nice too.

    2. Good Bite is my go-to for a greasy spoon breakfast.
      I also like the frittata paninis at Caffe Latte, but it isn't any more formal than Aroma.

      1. Good bite is solid, but only better than sunset or mars by slight degrees, IMHO, if you are simply after the usual all day breakfast...

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        1. re: afong56

          I get the Greek omelette (with feta and tomato mixed with the egg, rather than a folded omelette with a filling) at Good Bite.