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May 10, 2014 04:49 PM


KBQ is open again in a new location. First thing I noticed walking in was the lack of smoke smell, or BBQ smell. I tried the brisket, zero smoke ring, kind of dry..was pretty good, but nothing I couldn't make in the oven. My buddy had the pulled pork..said it was good but again kinda dry. I will say that their BBQ sauce is very good, and the white sauce was very good. But good BBQ shouldn't have to be covered up in sauce, and this did. I asked if things were cooked on site and they said yes, but even with an electric smoker wouldn't you think you'd smell it? I will try it again because I work so close, but this is no where I'd drive for......I don't see this place lasting very long.

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    1. Nope, been twice since they were there.

      1. Hah! That's funny, I was there this morning around 11:30 or so and I had the same complaints. Customer service was lacking along with no smoke smell as I approached the building. I had the 2 meat platter, brisket and pulled pork. They were both moist, but the brisket had no smoke ring at all and the pulled pork was moist too but they were both just okay. The plus was that they weren't covered in any sauce. I had my order to go, so I only had whatever BBQ sauce that they include and it was alright, nothing really spectacular. For the sides, I had mac and cheese which was ok, but kinda oily. I didn't even eat 1/3rd of it. The other side I had was slaw which was ok. Again, nothing really special about it. I wasn't expecting much when I was checking the place out. I thought it'd be decent, but it was just ok.

        @Hobbert - It's at the Woodmore shopping center by RFK Stadium or whatever it's called now.

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          Find the Costco, it is across from the gas station.

        2. What a huge disappointment - this used to be some of the best 'cue in the area.