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May 10, 2014 03:57 PM

Houston Asian Markets - Tarako?

Hello Houston 'hounds! I am looking to purchase some tarako - salted cod/pollock roe. I haven't found it in Austin, so was hoping some of you intrepid folks might have come across this in Houston's vastly superior Asian market offerings. If not, can I humbly request that when in an Asian market, you take a peek or ask around, and let me know here? Thanks for any help you can offer!

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  1. You might check Nippon Daido, they are the only Japanese retail store I am familiar with. Kazy Gourmet used to sell retail but I believe they are wholesale only now.

    1. Tarako is available from and there are several listings on ebay. I have purchased Japanese products on ebay several times with no problems. Bonito, Wakame, etc.

      1. I live right next to Chinatown in Houston but am not familiar with Tarako.
        If you're able to give me a more detailed description of what you're looking for, I'll check out some of the markets for you.
        Looking at Amazon and ebay, Tarako seems to come in several preserved forms but I think I have seen it "fresh" in the seafood section of some of the markets.
        Hong King Market on Bellaire and Ranch 99 have great selections but I can check other places too. If you have a package that you can send a photo of that would be very helpful.

        1. Sorriest for my delayed reply!

          So, absurdnerdbird - I will put Nippon Daido on my list for my next trip! Thanks a million!

          Houcasey - I did a little more digging and found out that it is also called karashi mentaiko. Here is a link to a blog with a picture of the package:

          Scroll down to the second picture, and thank you SO much for keeping my quixotic desire in mind! I found places to order fresh frozen, but with exorbitant shipping charges...rather spend that money on gas to Houston!

          Thanks again!

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            I have printed the photo and will check when I go to Asian markets and let you know.
            I know that Ranch 99 Market had the red Pollack Roe but it wasn't labeled from Japan and I don't think it was spicy. I think it was more the type of Roe that you use with Sushi.

            1. re: Houcasey

              I'm OK with not spicy, but am interested in the whole roe sac, not jarred and brined. THANKS!

              1. re: saticoy

                What I saw at Ranch 99 Market was fresh, bright red roe.

          2. H Mart for sure carries myeongran jeot (the same thing in Korean), and I believe they have Japanese tarako as well. I would give it a 90% chance.

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              90% is just about enough to head me down I 10, mogster11, thanks! Glad also for the Korean name, I will prowl some Korean groceries here in town too!