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May 10, 2014 02:11 PM

Wine shops in Portland

Any suggestions for shopping while we are in the area. Preference for bubbles and Burgundy.

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  1. Try Rosemont Market on Brighton ave, the bier Cellar on forest ave.

    RSVP has the biggest selection but the two I mentioned above might have more 'special' stuff. Expecially Rosemont I know they are very into wine there.

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    1. re: Davidrias

      I completely concur. RSVP's selection is more mass market; Rosemont is special, and their prices are actually comparable.

      1. re: mainemal

        agreed here, too!
        Rosemont carries a well curated selection of interesting wines through many local distributors. Joe Appel, their wine buyer/resident expert writes on wine for the Portland Press Herald.

    2. Always one to jump on a bandwagon, I will also join in the praises for Rosemont. I'll add Browne Trading on Commercial St to the mix. They have a very large selection and, according to their web site "...focus on classic vintages, hard-to-find Burgundies and Bourdeauxs..." so you might find some interesting Burgundy here.

      1. Old Port Wine Merchants on Commercial Street. Great selection. Incredibly knowledgeable owner/staff.