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May 10, 2014 01:43 PM

Liverwurst/Braunschweiger with*out* bread/crackers

Lately, I've had a hankering for braunschweiger/liverwurst. Unfortunately, I no longer eat flour. Almost every single way of eating it on these threads ( or include some type of bread/cracker.

I tried searching the 'net also but keep getting recipes on how to make b/l, rather than other ideas on ways to eat it.

Anyone know of tasty, interesting ways to eat this that don't involve flour vehicles?

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    1. re: wadejay26

      Me too. Sometimes I wrap it in a romaine leaf, but not usually.

      1. re: wadejay26

        This. And like maglesmom, I occasionally use a romaine leaf. Hoping to pick up some more today from my favorite hobbyist charcutier.

      2. Lettuce "cups"? Rice cakes? Corn chips/tortillas? Knife and fork?

        They all would work for me.

        1. Mash it with a fork and dip it with ruffled chips.
          Mix it with cream cheese and spread it on celery sticks.

            1. Spread on a slice of cheese with mustard and roll it up.