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Liverwurst/Braunschweiger with*out* bread/crackers

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Lately, I've had a hankering for braunschweiger/liverwurst. Unfortunately, I no longer eat flour. Almost every single way of eating it on these threads (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/824295 or http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/3018...) include some type of bread/cracker.

I tried searching the 'net also but keep getting recipes on how to make b/l, rather than other ideas on ways to eat it.

Anyone know of tasty, interesting ways to eat this that don't involve flour vehicles?

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      Me too. Sometimes I wrap it in a romaine leaf, but not usually.

      1. re: wadejay26

        This. And like maglesmom, I occasionally use a romaine leaf. Hoping to pick up some more today from my favorite hobbyist charcutier.

      2. Lettuce "cups"? Rice cakes? Corn chips/tortillas? Knife and fork?

        They all would work for me.

        1. Mash it with a fork and dip it with ruffled chips.
          Mix it with cream cheese and spread it on celery sticks.

            1. Spread on a slice of cheese with mustard and roll it up.

              1. Make frico chips out of parmesan cheese and spread it on those. Use it to fill celery sticks, lettuce leaves or mini-peppers. Put some inside an omelet or egg crepe.

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                1. My sweetie has enjoyed liverwurst with cottage cheese for years; a habit she picked up long ago when she had considerably less disposable income than now. The interesting thing is she was recently diagnosed with celiac, so now, like you, she can't have bread or (most) crackers.

                  1. I like it spread on radishes - works especially well if you can get watermelon radishes or green radishes (just because of the size!)

                    1. I guess you could make 'ants on a log' with celery and olives or something... I love liverwurst, but it's much too strong for me to want to eat it without a starch to tame it down.

                      1. Make sushi rolls with rice and liverwurst.

                        Lettuce wraps.

                        Chop/Blend it into a dip and serve with veggies/ chips.

                        Put on cucumber slices.

                        1. Some ideas that could work for us; we'll start sampling...

                          Thanks for the suggestions!

                          1. Well, one of my favorite sandwiches since childhood has been liverwurst or braunschweiger with Swiss cheese, sliced hardboiled egg, maybe some lettuce, mustard and mayonnaise; the bread varies historically from the balloon bread of my early days to sourdough and rye, and thus could be dispensed with if I wanted to. I could easily see myself with a plate of noshes constructed from these ingredients stacked however was easiest to manage … cheese, say, with a disc of liverwurst and a smear of mustard, topped with a slice of egg and smear of mayo. Grind a little pepper on top. Eat it with a fork if you feel like it.

                            1. On a spoon. With a squiggle of mustard. Sliced, with a squiggle of mustard. Squeezed from the package, with...you get the idea. My roomie wraps hers in lettuce.

                              1. I like the lettuce-wrap idea.

                                I was also thinking to cut into small cubes and toss with mayo and other ingred's... maybe bell pepper, gr onion, pickles, etc., etc.

                                Could also be tasty stuffed into those baby bell peppers they've started selling around here.

                                1. Or stuffed into cherry tomatoes....or hollowed-out baby zucchini...I couldn't mix mine with all the other stuff, though: it would detract from the delicious, liver-y flavor, aroma and taste. :)

                                  1. On thick slices of onion w/ mustard on top.

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                                    1. re: Passadumkeg

                                      I think liverwurst, onion, and mustard is a classic combination.

                                    2. Update

                                      We cubed the liverwurst, added chopped zucchini, green onion, and mayo. Served on a bed of lettuce. A few grinds of pepper on top. My partner added mustard to his.

                                      Verdict: very tasty! Note to self to make more often.