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May 10, 2014 01:34 PM

Dinner Suggestions-July

We are traveling to Portland during July and looking for dinner suggestions. We would be considered foodies-like creative top quality cuisine and don't mind paying higher prices for quality. Open to any area in the city. We need three suggestions. Among our top list from other reviews are: 1) Andina, 2) Veritable Quandary 3) Paleys Place. I would be interested in any comments on the three above or any other "must go" suggestions.

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  1. 1) Andina is a staple in town doing interesting Peruvian food, has decent cocktails and a good wine program. It is a big restaurant by Portland standards. It can be very busy. Appeals to me much more at the less packed lunch hour. Obviously many people don't think the way I do.

    2) The VQ is fun but it is not anywhere near the top tier of Portland dining spots. Late night drinks? Cocktail hour? Patio dining? A big yes to all but not a destination restaurant.

    3) Love it. Half portions of very well done French/NW food.

    There are a ton of creative places that are mentioned all the time here but just to run them down again here you go.

    Roe, Ava Jean's, Racion, Mucca, Higgins, Le Pigeon, Little Bird, Bar Avignon, Imperial, St. Jack, Pok Pok, Beast, Lincoln, Firehouse, Olympic Provisions, Ned Ludd, Davenport, Mingo, Noisette and others that maybe some other folks will add. In general they all have websites to help you narrow down choices based on style, location and menu.

    1. Great list from oregonjim.

      Where are you coming from? What do you get plenty of there? Conversely, what is missing from your food scene?

      Andina and Paleys are very good, but I agree with oregonjim and would swap out VQ for just about anything else on his list.

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        Appreciate yours and oregonjim's response. We will be there 7/3-7/5 (and were restricted to what is available on the fourth). We went with:

        Paley's Place

        Did not see that Castagna was mentioned but came highly recommended from others. Any thoughts on Castagna are appreciated. Thank you!

        1. re: Property manager

          It has been a great restaurant at times. They have changed chefs a few times in the past few years and I am not certain that I have been under the new regime. In fact I am sure I have not been. The service is excellent, the wine list is generally strong and the standards have been high. I would bet on it rather than against it but I cannot say anything about what they are doing food-wise at present.

          1. re: Property manager

            I think you will be happy with Castagna and your other choices. We have been to Castagna twice in the last year and a half or so and enjoyed it both times.

            1. re: cobpdx

              This is good to hear. A couple of people have recommended Beast but I have read mixed reviews on it. In your opinion not worth switching out any of our 3 choices: Castagna, palsy's Place and Andina for Beast?

              1. re: Property manager

                I love Beast. It has communal tables and a fixed menu, though, which is fine for some and not for others.

                I would switch out Andina or Paley's for Beast if that is an option. Alternatively, Beast does Sunday brunch, if you are in town that long.

                1. re: cobpdx

                  No way. Do not skip Andina…unless you are from Peru. Andina is a wonderful and unique dining experience. Do not miss. I would also go to Paley's Place…a great NW restaurant. And…I would consider breakfast at Paley's newer venture at the Hotel Lucia downtown. It's called Imperial by Paley. Wonderful breakfasts. Definitely go to Andina and Paley's Place! Castagna or Le Pigeon would be my 3rd dinner.

                2. re: Property manager

                  I would instantly switch out Andina for Beast, if I had to make the choice. Beast is also open for brunch on Sundays, if that's an option to help you hit all four. Although personally, my list would be #1 Beast #2 Le Pigeon #3 Castagna.

                  Imperial is also very good but not in the same league.

                  1. re: w0x0f

                    Can't really argue with's simply amazing and wonderful that PDX has so many great spots that picking just 3 for dinner is truly a challenge.