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May 10, 2014 11:24 AM

beer for Austin's mexican food??

Truely relish opinions here for what we in Austin drink and have available. Some say IPA ? Heard Corona was poor white man's beer. Shiner? Shiner Bock? What should I get for a local dinner group? Thanks

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  1. Sol, Leon, Montejo, Modelo light or dark, Dos XX light or dark. The premium beer in Mexico is Bohemia. It is exported to the US but can be harder to find.

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      I like Modelo Especial, had my first fishing on the Pacific out of Mazatlan, late '70's. Veggo, have you ever had Superior? It used to be common in East End Houston barrio Mexican places 80's ish. I haven't seen it in years.

      1. re: James Cristinian

        Superior used to be common - and as inexpensive as Carta Blanca. Not a premium brand.

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          Yes, not premium but nothing mentioned here is. Do you see it in Mexico? Hey, I like Carta Blanca in an ice cold mug with chicken, cheese, or beef enchiladas. Might be a go when the wifeacita goes to the Valley this weekend.

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        Bohemia is the way to go. take your friends to Hecho en Mexico on Wm Cannon for tequilas that will change your mind about tequilas. also go anywhere on the east side of town and eat Tex Mex as God intended it to be.

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          Although one has to keep going "further and further" east lately.

      3. I like a lager with some flavor with my Tex-Mex. With that in mind, Real Ale's Hans Pils, and Austin Beerworks' PearlSnap are great lagers, as is St. Arnold's summer Pils, also St. Arnold's Fancy Lawnmower.
        Corona is fineif you like bland american lager, which some do (not me).
        I agree with veggo on the Bohemia, good stuff. Here, it's fairly easy to find, though.

        1. My favorite Mexican beers are Modelo Especial and Victoria... crisp, clean and light, the latter being just a tad more amber.

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            +1 for Victoria, makes a great chilada also.

          2. Depends on where you're eating Mexican food.

            My standard-generic answer for any beer question is Duvel. It's the best all-around beer for all occasions. You can't offend anyone with Duvel (unless they're Felmish Holy Rollers).

            <burp> 3 down 1 to go...

            1. Hands-down, the group Loved Austin BeerWorks craft Pearl-Snap with the enchiladas and Black Thunder for grilling shrimp and ribs.

              nothing like home brew.

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                cool. Glad you like them. That's a great local Brewery