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May 10, 2014 10:34 AM

Good food in Amsterdam East?

Looking for restaurants, cafés, shops etc in the area around Dapperbuurt (and Dappermarkt) and Indischebuurt, and in general what is easily walkable from those areas, up to the islands, down to Transvaalbuurt etc. No ultra-high-end restaurants for me, though the info could be useful for others.

Would anyone happen to know if the restaurant at the Tropenmuseum is any good?

And a specific request - a good source for tempeh in the area.

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  1. The Dappermarkt itself is a great source for good food in Amsterdam east. I would start at either end - Mauritskade in the north or Wijtenbachstraat in the south and just walk to the opposite end. Closer to the Wijtenbachstraat end, you should find Boer Geert, a wonderful stand with cheeses, olives, tapenade, sausage and more. Directly across from them is a sausage stand that sells the Dutch version of bratwurst (braadworst in Dutch). Their version is quite close to the German version, which I prefer.

    Further north, there is the butcher shop of Gebroeders Krijnen. They are behind the stalls of the market. Several years ago, they shared their shop with a baker. So you can also buy cakes and pastry there.

    If you mean the Soeterijn in the Tropenmuseum, it is good, but for lunch - sandwich and soup meal.

    There are some good restaurants nearby: La Vallade (eat on the terrace if the weather is warm enough), Merkelbach in Park Frankendael (also with terrace), if you want to try pub food, there is de Ponteneur just down from Dappermarkt. There is also Gare de l'Est and, if you like beer, the windmill brewpub of Brouwerij t' IJ.

    Tempeh you should be able to find at a Warung or Toko. Around the Dappermarkt you'll probably find very good ones. If I remember correctly, if you walk on the Dappermarkt toward Mauritskade, the last stand on the left side may have them. The stand is quite good.

    The Dapperbuurt is largely an immigrant community. There are many Turks living there, for example. I would just wander around and try anyplace that seemed popular.

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      Thanks! I've been to de Ponteneur several times, simply because the group congregates there. It is fine for its type of place; obviously nothing cutting-edge. I've also been to Brouwerij t'IJ. Of course it is fun for tourists, with the old-fashioned windmill. Before, few tourists made it out there, but now there is a huge youth hostel, StayOkay (the kind of hostel that also welcomes families and school groups, not the "druggy hangout" kind).

      Dapperbuurt and Indischebuurt are largely immigrant (allochtone), and while Turks are probably the largest group, there are immigrants (and expats) from round the world.

      Thanks for La Vallade and Merkelbach; I'll look them up.

    2. Wilde Zwijnen is really great. Dutch food made with local ingredients, always interesting and high quality.
      Rosa @ Rita is a nice and casual place to sit outside and share some pizza.
      Rijssel for great meat and rotisserie chicken.
      Bakkerij Hartog (bakery) for their famous wholemeal bread and pastry. They have a place around the corner from the bakery where you can have coffee and sample the products.
      Have not been myself, but heard good thngs about Australian restaurant Drovers Dog (good brunch)

      On a sunny day, venture further north/east to the 'islands' (Java eiland, KNSM eiland) Especially if you're interested in modern architecture. Lots of nice places to sit by the water (Kanis & Mijland, for example).

      Also, a new brewery opened up in Oost, Brouwerij Troost. Haven't been yet but heard good things from beer loving friends.

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      1. re: Klary

        Yes, I know some of the "Islands" - Rose & Rita isn't very far from the International Institute of Social History. The prices are very reasonable and the terrasse looks friendly.

        There is also an organic market up there, on Wednesday.


      2. and I almost forgot, not far from Brouwerij t IJ is Frank's Smoke House. Awesome little place that sells everything smoked (from butter to shrimp to salmon to sausages and cured meats). Tiny seating area where you eat a sandwich and have a glass of wine. Or just take stuff home!
        Highly recommended.