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May 10, 2014 09:53 AM

Whole Foods opening in Metuchen

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  1. You've got a long wait. Wegmans announced plans in July 2012 to build a store in Hanover, NJ; the site is listed as date TBD on their Store Opening schedule. Whole Foods announced plans in November 2012 to open in the current location of the A&P in Morristown, NJ; latest news reports cite likely opening late this year or sometime in 2015.

    Aside from town planning/zoning board approvals and other logistical stumbling blocks, one supermarket chain will frequently bring court actions to stall their competition's efforts and secure another year's profit for themselves.

    1. correct,....the usual delaying lawsuits etc,,,,Whole Foods is starting construction in Clark, near the Garden State Parkway and around the corner from Shop-Rite which has a lawsuit in progress.