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May 10, 2014 08:43 AM

Ramps at Bronxville Farmer's Market

I have never had a chance to try these, but they had lots of them at the Bronxville Farmer's market today. Seems like they may be back next week or as long as the season lasts. I think they are open for another hour.

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  1. They had them at Pleasantville, but at $7 for a rather small bunch, I passed.

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    1. re: DGresh

      These were $5.00. Seems a bit pricey, but had to get them anyway.

      1. re: jcmods

        How big was the bunch? At P'ville, it was roughly the same number as in a bunch of scallions (of course the tops are bulkier)

        1. re: DGresh

          About 8-10 in a bunch. I too wish it had been larger.

    2. I got some for about $3 a bunch in NC yesterday. Nice ones.

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      1. re: Leepa

        NC as in North Carolina? Or something in NY state?

      2. Saw them at Fairway ion Pelham for $4.50 a bunch. However, the leaves were wilted and the bulbs showed signs of decay so I passed.

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        1. re: Sloth

          Interesting.. I didn't see them at Fairway. Whole Foods had them for $14.99/lb but did not have them the last two times I checked.

          I also looked for them at Turco's but they didn't have them. I always laugh when they make it seem like they're some high end place in their advertisements given that they have rather pedestrian produce.

        2. Union Square still has tons of them. Most commonly $4/bunch, a bunch being 8-10 ramps. The quality varies, some purveyors are better than others. A small stand near the northeast corner has the best by far.

          1. Saw the same vendor again this week. She will be back again if the ramps hold out. We actually got three bunches for $10 which was a bargain considering it was near the end of the day.

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            1. re: jcmods

              I got some at Adams in Wappingers for 12.99 a pound (though I think I squeaked in under the wire before the price changed on Friday morning to 16.99; I had to request a price check at the register based on the sign that was up when I picked them up. I figured that was about 1/3 or 1/4 the price of $7 a "bunch" at the Pleasantville market two weeks ago. Though truth be told, the ones at Adams were dirty and it was a lot of work to clean them (not that I think dirt is a bad thing, just recognizing the labor involved in offering clean ones); the ones at the farmers' market were squeaky clean.

              1. re: DGresh

                The first batch I got at the Whole Foods in Paramus this year were filthy, and wet so they got muddy. Adams has come down in price, they were much higher earlier in the year.

                BTW for anyone buying them at WF, they're listed in their produce book under leeks (baby).