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May 10, 2014 08:39 AM

Where to find barberries and pomegranate molasses?

I started a thread in Home Cooking. I want to gift my sister a copy of an Ottolenghi book (probably will be Jerusalem) and some spices that she'd need for the recipes.
I can easily get za'atar, cardamom, sumac, but where should I look for pomegrante molasses and barberries (for the lamb dish)?
I was actually down at Dual Specialty this morning, but did not realize they open at 11:00. I was there about 10:50 and thought it was closed for good . UGH!!
thanks for help in the search for pomegranate molasses and barberreis.

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  1. For the molasses:
    Asia Food Market 71 Mulberry Street
    Sahadi (Brooklyn)

    It's not hard to find. Whole Foods has even had it.

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      Kalyustan's carries the dried barberries. The small bags (3 oz. for $9.99 last year) are labeled "Zereshk." They are in the newer (north) section of the store (down the small set of steps, along the wall that divides the two sections.

    2. I have found pomegranate molasses at both Fairway (W74th) and Whole Foids (W97th). I've never looked for the other. Sounds like a lovely gift!

      1. I believe Dual has pomegranate molasses. Not sure about the barberries, or what they'd call them.

        1. Thanks, all, for the recommendations.
          I will probably try Dual again, as it is closest to me. I have never been a fan of Kalustyan's but it is a possibilty to consider. I always love going to Sahadi's, so that would be on my list. too.
          Thanks, Erica, for the details about where in Kalustyan's to find the barberries, and how much they cost. Very helpful

          1. Fairway has a couple kinds of p. molasses.