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May 10, 2014 07:34 AM

Sweet Rice "glutinous" rice" & Sushi Rice What's The Difference?

I'm going to make sushi rolls tonight. I have a bag of "Sweet Rice glutinous rice" on hand. I would like to know how this differs from Sushi Rice. I can go out and buy sushi rice, but if the 2 are the same, I'll just use what I have. On the other hand I'm planning to buy sushi grade fish, and would hate for the sushi not to be perfect because the rice was a little different. p.s. if you have the perfect ration for making the rice, let me know that too.

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  1. Don't use "Sweet Rice glutinous rice" for sushi rolls.

    Zongzi, yes.

    Sushi? No.

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      Glutinous rice cooks up into a very, very sticky rice that's used for things like zongzi (sticky rice with various fillings wrapped in a banana leaf), or sweets. Sushi rice is short grained and starchy, but not nearly as sticky and heavy.

      But zongzi season is coming up, so you're set for that!

      1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

        Spicy tuna zongzi!

        Fusion - jumping the shark.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          I would call this "jumping the tuna."

    2. Glutinous rice is completely different... its popular in china to make tuanyuan and other desserts at the end of spring festival (chinese new year)

      1. I took everyone's advice and used sushi rice. Came out good, not perfect. I am just a poor rice cooker, I need to buy a real rice cooker!

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          Look for a fuzzy logic one with a "keep warm" function. I'm partial to Zojirushi. Rice cookers are awesome because you can make your rice before you even think about your meal. Mine has a 12 hour "keep warm". Love it!

          1. re: Hobbert

            When you keep warm, does it get mushy?

          2. re: michele cindy

            My rice cooking improved greatly when I started following this blog's directions about properly cooking rice


          3. Y'know this post actually got me wondering what a California Roll would taste like with Sweet Glutinous Rice ...