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May 10, 2014 05:42 AM

Sourcing Farm Fresh Eggs

Does anyone know of a location where we can get farm fresh egg's from an actual farm? Preferably someplace that is within 90 minutes of the city? Upstate, NJ, PA and/or Ct are all okay.

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  1. You should probably post on the NJ, Upstate, etc boards for advice and not the Manhattan board if you want to drive out to a farm... I'm a little confused by your query. You can get eggs from farmers direct at the Greenmarkets around the city. You don't have to drive out unless you want to.

    Many of the places that go to the Union Square Green Market (and other farmers markets) allow you to buy direct from them at their farms. Lots of them have web sites with hours posted.

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      Yes, the green markets are where I get my farm fresh produce! There are several around the city that open on different days of a week. Although I believe the Union Square one might be the biggest. You could check the website and found the exact location and days.

      1. re: kathryn

        Thank you for the info, especially about the advice on posting to other boards. Yes, we normally get our fresh eggs from the USQ market; however we are looking to take our young daughter on an excursion to see where her food actually comes from.

        1. re: Muntu

          Day trip to Blue Hill Stone Barns might be fun.

      2. There's a farm in Denville, NJ (Morris County) about 35 mins from the GWB. This early in the season they generally have availability for new customers. Cedar Gate Farm has a Facebook page, but their website is currently unavailable. Best to call ahead - (973) 586-3131

        Jersey Fresh (a government-run promotional site) lets you search for agricultural products and farmers' markets by county.

        1. The Bronxville Farmer's Market has a farmstand that sells eggs that appear to be from an actual farm. Not sure which vendor it was but it might be Veritas Farms in New Paltz.

          1. We got a bunch of chicken and duck eggs today at the Farmer's Market in Rye.

            1. Fishkill Farms is open 7 days a week. While I've never been to the farm store itself, I have bought eggs from them at our local farmers market. Really delicious.