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Sauerbraten recipe from Woman Day Encyclopedia

Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of cookery. I think the recipe was in the collection published in the 70s can anyone send Sauerbraten recipe to me? deestephenson@comcast.net

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  1. Perhaps this is it ?

    PS you might want to consider editing out your email address.

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      "Men love lots and lots of rich brown gravy". LOL.

    2. From the Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery: SAUERBRATEN

      4 lbs beef for pot roast
      2 teaspoons salt
      1 teaspoon ground ginger
      2 cups cider vinegar
      2 1/2 cups water
      2 medium onions, sliced
      2 tbls mixed whole pickling spice
      2 bay leaves
      1 tsp peppercorns
      8 whole cloves
      1/3 cup sugar

      For the gravy--
      2 tbls fat
      flour or gingersnaps

      Let me know if you need the method paraphrased!

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      1. Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I am also searching another recipe for Sauerbraten and for the person or persons who has the collection of books for Woman's Day Encyclopedia that belongs to this forum.

        1. I have the books --
          do you know they are sold often on eBay?
          Here is a sample

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            Am familiar with Ebay. I thought I could use this forum to help other people find lost recipes online from a blog I keep. Is it possible to email me a copy of the recipe from one of your books? For Sauerbraten? You would be doing me a great favor.

          2. You have the recipe above. I am confused.

            1. I really appreciate your help. The recipe was from Circa 1970, not 1950's. Thanks.

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                Bangor din gives you the recipe from the encyclopedia as you ask. It matches the link because the encyclopedia is a compendium of earlier recipes. recipes.

              2. It's not the same recipe, but thanks for your efforts.

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                  I have the encyclopedias, but you would need to be more specific. There are the following recipes:
                  Sauerbraten with vegetables
                  Sauerbraten with sour cream gravy
                  Overnight sauerbraten
                  Quick sauerbraten

                2. Its is Sauerbraten recipe from 1970's collection that also had recipes for potato dumplings and red cabbage, close by.

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                    I emailed you the recipe, did you receive it?