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May 9, 2014 10:01 PM

Grocery Outlet (May, 2014)

Not sure if I am supposed to start a new one, but

5/9 in Palo Alto

Nature Valley berry yogurt bars, 3/$1 boxes of 6 or 99 cents for 18 - we bought a hundred + bars! My husband is a cyclist and goes through a lot of bars. Also he bought golden graham extra large bars for same price and Fig Bars for 50 cents each.

99 cent Jif Hazelnut chocolate spread.

Didn't buy but their pint size ice creams were Dove chocolate. Never had to know if it is worth it.

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  1. At the Geary store, Baby Gold potatoes, 3 lbs. for a buck fifty. Excellent roasted or mashed.

    1. Tried the Firecracker white blend ($2.99). Tasted kind of like strawberry soda pop. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm going to rate this a Don't Bother.

      On the other hand, I liked the Pepi Chardonnay ($3.99). Would definitely buy that again.

      1. Saw Masquerade Prosecco at Pinole this weekend. Is it any good?

        1. At the Oakland store, big deal was Hilshire Farms "craft" bratwurst, smoked and jalapeno and cheddar: 50 cents. Most were past the expiration date by varying amounts. I passed on the April 15 ones but picked up a couple dated May 1 and even found a couple dated May 13. I opened one of the May 1 tonight and it was fine.

          1. At the Berkeley store today, they've got some pretty good prices on baking chocolate.

            A bunch of Ghirardelli choices:

            Milk, semisweet, and 60% bittersweet chocolate chips, 10-11.5 oz bags, $2.49

            Semisweet baking bar, 4 oz, $1.49

            Double Chocolate bittersweet chips, 56 oz, $7.99

            Plus Scharffen Berger cacao nibs, 8 oz, $3.49

            Also saw jars of Doña Maria mole paste for 59 cents on the other end of the same aisle.