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May 10, 2014 04:28 AM


just got braces on. it is the third day and everyone has said it is the worst day.... they where right! I am with my grandparents right now and none of their kids had braces so they have no idea what is good to eat do you guys?

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    1. smoothies -- cold to ease the pain and inflammation, but still "real food" to keep you going.

      1. Foods you need to CHEW lightly are fine.
        Foods you need to BITE are not.

        Cut up your food into smaller-than-average size and try to chew in all "quadrants" of your mouth.

        Shakes/ straw drinks aren't actually the best idea.
        Cold will enhance your experience of pain, as will any hard sucking pressure.

        And-- Welcome to Chowhound!

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          1. Mud slide, frozen margarita,...