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May 9, 2014 11:53 PM

Dairy Queen Will Trade Your Privacy and Safety for Free Ice-cream Cake

"... Whose horrible idea was this? With child identity theft increasing, parents definitely should not be sending their children’s birth certificates, along with their name, residential address, phone and email, to some marketing company hired by Dairy Queen in exchange for free cake. The data on that birth certificate can be used for identity theft and identity fraud, and give your child a bad credit rating years before they actually start needing to get loans and credit cards…and possibly before they can even walk! Not to mention the safety issues with sending additional information about where you live."

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  1. I got a response from Dairy Queen. They are insisting that my kids were born in Kenya.

    1. one can always lie through one's teeth about personal details (check out my FB profile sometime - I lie about everything except my education, and the dates of photos - all else are half-truths) a birth certificate can be easily doctored in photoshop, but ehh, if memory serves, the cake is really just not worth the effort.

      1. It's interesting that neither DQ nor DQ Cakes has that promo listed on their sites. The only place I see this offered is through the Restaurant News website.

        This supposed promo is for "...moms who give birth on this, the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, with a signature DQ Cake."

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          I happen to like a well run Dairy Queen. Like you I only found reference on the restaurant news website in addition to ABC news. If this is truly the case, the PR person in charge should be demoted at best.

          1. re: MplsM ary

            It's on DQ's site, open the tab "Baby on Board",

            And on the PR firm's site, it handled a marriage certificate promotion for DQ the same way.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              crazy. i'm sure people will participate, but just seems so unworth it from a risk/ reward perspective.

          2. Dairy Queen isn't trading your privacy - you are. Dairy Queen doesn't have access to your privacy, unless you give it to them.

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            1. if i had to bet i'd bet the error is with ABC news and not DQ. Seems odd to me that DQ would run such a promo and then have people a) email this as opposed to register via a website and b) email it to a 3rd party address. Seems to violate all tenets of marketing and running a business.

              who konws though.