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May 9, 2014 07:15 PM

Nice Family Dinner East Side

Nice Birthday dinner for adults. Recently moved out of the city, so not up on what's good, lately. Not crazy expensive, but very good food. No steak places due to some veggie's in the group.

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  1. Where on the East Side? What's your price range? What are your preferences for cuisine? How big is your party and what day do you need reservations for?

    1. 6 adults, approx $50.00-60 pp, this Tuesday. 12th street-96th st/ east of 5th ave. More local kind of place, but nice. Lived in NYC until a year ago. Considering calling Antonucci's, but have been there many times.

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        If you lived here till a year ago, not all _that_ much has chanced. Why don't you ask about specific places? Also, what kind of place is Antonucci's? Traditional Italian-American or some kind of regional Italian?

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          I always like i trulli near gramercy, feels very "local" and they have a great wine list too. The food is well made very seasonal.

          Cacio e pepe in the e village, or slightly south, Supper on e 2nd st

          Or do Zab Elee for thai....

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            By the way, is there a particular significance to 12th St.? John's on 12th??

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              I was thinking Hearth. I don't think it is right for this group. Too much meat.

          2. I was actually considering I Trulli. Have been there many times. I will check out the other recommendations Pan and Ttrockwood have made.

            1. thanks for the help, all.
              Decided to go with I Trulli, a place I have been to many times over the years, but, I know it will be the right place for this group. Will report back..