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May 9, 2014 06:49 PM

Best private dining in boston - non stuffy GREAT food?

Hi! I'm very new to this site and wanted to get some feedback on some great restaurants that have cozy private dining. I'm organizing a dinner for my husband who is graduating from law school in December of 2014. I'm looking for fantastic food (we are new foodies) in a non stuffy environment. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks so much in advance!!

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  1. how many people? price point? have you dined anyplace you liked?

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      Thanks for responding! 25 people. I'm looking to spend around $50 pp. going to try Cinquicento tonight. My in laws are 'simple' eaters who don't really appreciate food whereas my family does! Also, I want something chic but not fancy. Thank you!

    2. Toscano on Charles Street has a lovely private dining room that would be a good fit. Their web site has all of the information. Erbaluce might be another idea. They are in the South End, not far from the Arlington T Station.

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        op: does that $50 include drinks? you're looking at tax and auto-gratuity which will be about $10 of your $50, leaving $40. 1 drink per person is only going to leave you about $30pp for food.

        if her group is including "simple" eaters, i don't know that erbaluce is a good fit. it would also be tough getting out of there for $50 pp with food and drinks. impossible to have dinner and drinks at mama maria for $50 pp.

        have you considered kingston station or upstairs at taranta? for the latter, obvz skew your event menu towards the italian stuff.

        if this is your budget, you may want to consider a cocktail reception? heavy hors d'oeuvres and wine/beer.

        are you also looking to book during christmas party season?

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Hmmm. Prob not including drinks but good to note the gratuity and tax. Thanks. I haven't but I will look into those. Unfortunately yes, that's why I'm looking now but I still may be too late!

        2. re: mvi

          Thanks! I will check out their website. I think Erbaluce sounds great for my husband and I but too fancy for my in-laws!

        3. The Terrace room Mamma Maria's in the Northend.

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            I love the look of their private room. Inquiring about pricing. Thanks!

          2. You really have to check on pricing directly with the venue. I love Catalyst and they have a very nice private space but I don't know what the price point for a party of 25 is. La Morra will do a private lunch for 30.00 a person and up without booze or gratuities and dinner for 50 and up ditto.

            1. I love the private room downstairs at Atlantic Fish Co. Plenty of 'simple' food for those that want it.