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May 9, 2014 04:57 PM

Ethnic brunch buffet on Sunday morning?

Well, Sunday is Mother's Day (ahem, buy those cards now, Hounds!) and Mr. Swank and the Young Swanks will take me to a brunch of my choosing. I do not want a fusty brunch; I want an Indian buffet, maybe, or maybe a fun Mexican breakfast. Any ideas? Does anyone know if Ritu Ki Rasoi does brunch?

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  1. RKR does a Sat/Sun lunch buffet from noon to 3. They are bad at updating their website - so far nothing to indicate if Sunday's will be extra-special, but here's what's on tap for Bombay Club, across the street from RKR: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.c...

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    1. re: greygarious

      I agree, Ritu's is one of the most fun Indian buffet experiences and has great food (warning: no frills self-serve atmosphere, not elegant, no meat).

      1. re: Luther

        Great ?? You really mean that? With my N=1, when i tried ~15 different dishes, i did not have one thing that i would call 'great'. not even close. but i think the hordes of transplanted So.Indian familes are still very happy that they are there. And i would venture that the foods sampled there are the most unusual in the whole Boston area (for the average American.)

      2. Way far from Mexican and Indian, but Bronwyn is doing brunch now in Union Square. la Brasa in East Somerville has a mother's day brunch according to their web site, and the breakfast food at Istanbul'lu in Teele Sq Somerville is wonderful.

        1. Check out Beantown Taqueria in Central Sq. We had an excellent first visit there today, and Moms eat for free there this Sunday. The one on Western Ave is small inside, with sidewalk umbrella tables. They do chiles rellenos and huevos rancheros too!

          there are these as well:

          including AKA Bistro in Lincoln and Shojo in Chinatown.

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Beantown Taqueria? Really? Either they've switched from serving shitty awful tacos to not-shitty not-awful tacos, or I'm going to try them again some time and be sorely disappointed.

            1. re: Luther

              woahhhh, there, cowboy, i never tasted any of their tacos! i'm not takin' the blame on that one! for that, you'll have to blame the Globe team of transplanted Texans, who said that Beantown's Carnitas was the way they SHOULD be. But i'm not a carnitas fan so i will not be reporting on those; sorry. And they use tilapia for their fish so i will DEFinitely not be trying those either.
              But i would happily return for steak fajitas, and i'd like to try their chiles rellenos and huevos rancheros and flan.

                1. re: opinionatedchef

                  The tacos I ordered there consisted of stale tortillas, dried out diced onions and cilantro, overcooked and barely seasoned meats. Not too far off from the desperation-level food at Jose's truck in Kendall. Perhaps there is a high degree of inconsistency in their quality.

                  1. re: Luther

                    You're correct about the quality of the food there; it started out quite poor, and has consistently remained that way. I've unfortunately eaten there a number of times for its convenience, and have tried most of the Mexican side of the menu: the tacos, enchiladas, chile rellenos, huarache, and tortas (which are usually listed as a special on the blackboard). Nothing -- not even the carnitas -- has been better than mediocre.

                  2. re: opinionatedchef

                    Shouldn't a Taqueria serve good tacos?

              1. Ms Swank, may I say that you ask the best questions and lead us to some of the best conversations around here.

                Hope you have a happy and delicious Mother's Day!


                1. What about Turkish breakfast at Istanbul'lu?

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                  1. re: Bob Dobalina

                    Istanbul'lu was already mentioned upthread.

                    You might look into what, if anything, Red Lentil in Watertown has planned.

                    I've never been to Beantown Taqueria but even if it's good, I suspect that the "Moms eat free" factor means the place will be packed, with muddled service, and running out of items. In general, though, IME it's a good idea to choose an ethnic restaurant rather than a mainstream-American one on holidays, to avoid the crush.

                    1. re: greygarious

                      Beantown is fine for a quick bite for lunch. I can't imagine using it as any sort of nice meal.

                      1. re: jgg13

                        Changsho in Cambridge has a Sunday brunch buffet with supposedly all you can eat lobster. It runs about $20.

                        I've had the weekday buffet, which had some excellent dumplings and hot and sour soup, but mostly was bland, bland, bland.

                      2. re: greygarious

                        Oops...missed that. I second Madrid's suggestion.