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May 9, 2014 04:57 PM

Maude…for a vegetarian?

I've just been told by a friend that he recently had a wonderful dinner at Maude. I need to take a vegetarian friend out to dinner to celebrate a birthday, and although the restaurant has only a single pre-fixe menu each evening, they say that they can accommodate a vegetarian. Has any CH with special dietary needs dined at Maude? How was it? Is this a good choice, or would somewhere else be preferable.

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  1. I'm curious about this as well. I really want to try Maude, and while I'm not a vegetarian there a number of proteins that I don't care for, so if / when I go there I would probably request a vegetarian option.

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    1. I'm going tomorrow night. I'll ask.

      I have to say - I'm not really crazy about the concept of this place - it seems to come from the addled mind of a food-based reality series. Specifically Iron Chef.

      I'd rather have a diverse mixed of food and tastes and go for home runs on each course, rather than be saddled and handicapped with one ingredient.

      It seems like the best you can do can't be great, but impressive working within restrictions.

      Rhubarb is the unifying theme for tomorrow's meal. I'm not particularly excited about it.

      So, that said, my expectations are ratcheted down pretty low. Here's to hoping they are exceeded.

      Damn, next month's ingredient are morels. (Sigh...)

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        How was dinner? I have reservations next week.

        I went in March for citrus and had an awesome dinner. Not super excited about rhubarb but from my past experience, i know that the monthly ingredient isn't necessarily the star of the dish but rather, just one of the components. So not too concerned.


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          friend of mine had the rhubarb menu on Saturday and it sounded great...incl sweetbreads raviolis.

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              me too -- the sweetbread skewer was the best thing apart from dessert I had at tar and roses...nice and crispy with dusting of nuts and chimachuri on side.

              I also love're in for a treat with bea arthur

              1. re: jessejames

                Odd you would like sweetbreads. Figured you'd peg it as one of those "mushy foods" you dislike so much ;-)

                1. re: Porthos

                  you're on point porthos, knowing a lot about your fellow hounds...

                  I like em best when they are crispy on the outside...tars were that way...sometimes u get that when it's sort of flambéed new Orleans's one of those organ meats that isn't "bloody" per se, but ive been served preparations that mushy and ridden with gnarly capers (which most folks like but I abhore)...who knows...but you're right about mushy stuff -- unless it's ice cream, no thanks!

      2. I am a pescatarian and don't eat dairy. They were able to accommodate me and were really nice about it. My meal was wonderful and I would recommend it. Reservations may be tough to come by as it is very small.

        1. Yes, they can accomodate vegetarians.