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May 9, 2014 04:50 PM

Essex Taqueria - new on (you guessed it) Essex

Remember that Doner place that lasted about 4 minutes at 123 Essex? Well, now it's a taqueria. I grabbed a grilled fish taco ($3.50) while waiting for the bus. A generous portion of flaky white fish on two corn tortillas, with many toppings to choose from; I went with salsa, white cheese and radishes. You could also add corn, fresh jalapenos, guacamole, cilantro...there were a lot of options. Besides fish, the place offers the usual fillings. The only one I don't remember seeing before was something called suadero, or rose meat, which the internet informs me is "a thin cut of beef from the intermediate part of the cow between the belly and the leg." Anyway, nice little place, and very conveniently located for both late night Hell Square drunks and M14A riders.

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  1. Interesting, wonder how the folks across the street at Brooklyn Taco Co. are taking this.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Although it seems like these establishments might be in direct competition, I think (and hope) they can co-exist comfortably. The menus are different: there's no fish at Brooklyn and no kale/potato at Essex. Brooklyn Taco closes at 7, along with the rest of Essex Market, and I think Essex Taqueria will do a lot of late night business.

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        i don't see a problem with this - i think competition helps drive quality .. it's exactly why you always see McD's Burger King, Wendys etc... all right on top of one and other.

        1. re: foodiebuddha

          You have to wonder how long snack dragon will survive though. They have gone from being pretty good, and the one of few games in town to being a below average taco spot in a sea of tacos. I welcome the competition, and the culling of the herd.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        They're probably taking it the same way that the proprietors of the 40 other taco places on the LES took the opening of Brooklyn Taco.

      3. More LES taco news: Cochinita from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, just opened a second shop called Cochinita Dos two weeks ago at 49 Canal Street. It closes at 11, but maybe that'll change.

        Haven't been to the Brooklyn place, which one hound has described as "healthy Cal-Mex." Menu's attached. ...

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          I've been to the Canal Street location; I'll pass. Food was not kept hot enough, and it didn't look all that clean for a new place.

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            Was a bit disappointed with Cochinita. Ordered a couple plates the other night and there was -maybe- a quarter cup's worth of each given protein. They were basically giant plates of rice and beans. That said, what little pork there was was delicious. (The fish was kind of average, nothing special)

          2. Thanks for the report, Mark Hokoda covered it for the CHOW blog here:

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              And thanks for reporting on the report. An update: the suadero has been replaced with chorizo.