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May 9, 2014 04:01 PM

Any recommendations or changes for Paris, South Burgundy, & Provence (Aix & Moustiers) Trip

Hi chow hounds,

After scouring the boards, I have came up with the following list, and would appreciate your input on the choices:

We'll be in Paris 3 nights/3days - one of those nights is a Sunday. For the Sunday night, I was thinking of trying Clamato (which I read is open, is this true?) and then we're planning on returning to Chez L'Ami Jean and La Regalade (Jean Moulin location) for dinner. For lunch, I wanted to try the Le 6 Paul Bert restaurant, and possibly return to Paul Bert for one of the other lunches.

We'll be in Beaune one night and I made reservations at Ma Cuisine, and then was thinking of doing a wine tasting at Joseph Drouhin. Also I wondering if anyone has lunch recommendations that are not fining dining for Beaune?

We'll be staying in Sercy 4 nights and I've made reservations for 2 of those nights at Aux Terrase and Greuze in Tournus... Are these good choices, and are any other restaurants that you would recommend?

Also, we plan on driving from Sercy to Moustiers Sainte-Marie, France - I'd love any suggestions for places to stop along the drive? We'll be staying at la Bastide de Moustiere, and will likely eat dinner there a couple nights... Has anyone been there for dinner? Also, are there any other recommendations for lunch or dinner in this area?

Lastly, the major hole in our itinerary is I haven't been able to decide on any restaurants in Aix en Provence... Recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. "Also I wondering if anyone has lunch recommendations that are not fining dining for Beaune?"

    I love Le Carnot for good, simple cuisine & people watching. Crep Anges is also a good lunch stop. Not positive, but I think Tavola Calda & Part des Anges are open at lunch too. Avoid most restaurants on Place Carnot, except a couple on the Anthenum (sp?) side like Le Gourmandin or the little tearoom whose name is escaping me.

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    1. re: DaTulip

      DaTulip, thanks for all your tips... I wish we were there longer!

      We decided we're going to the 2:30 tour Joseph Drouhin, so for lunch I was thinking of going for a simple meal of cheese, charcuterie, etc... Is there a place that you like? Have you had any experience with Le Bistrot Bourguignon in Beaune?

      1. re: rkmla

        Your charcuterie picnicky lunch idea is the best. Don't do anothere restaurant meal at noon when you are dining at Ma Cuisine. You will only ruin both.
        Charcuterie Raillard has excellent pâtés and salads to go. My faves: jambon persillé, rillette (get rillette aux oies - goose - if they have it), oeuf en gelée, taboulé salad. Don't forget to heck its opening times against your timetable.

        Another thing we do when driving south from Paris.
        We go to the market under the beautiful Halle in the lovely village of Milly La Forêt which is very near the autoroute to the south, easy driving in and out. There we shop for all the goodies for a nice picnic. Then we pick as our picnic spot a listed plus beau village de France near the autoroute as we approach Beaune, usually Chateauneuf-en-Auxois.
        It is much better than your Beaune lunch options.

        1. re: rkmla

          Bistrot Bourguignon is good, but my preference for a light meal in the area is Le Carnot, just two doors down. Good salads, shareable pizzas, etc. You can do a light lunch or even just a dessert.

          Parigi's given a good place for charcuterie. There's a great Fromagerie called Alain Hess on the Place Carnot. There's also a Petit Casino grocery just a few more steps past Le Carnot & Sephora on rue Carnot towards Pl. Monge.

          1. re: DaTulip

            Thanks for these wonderful suggestions, I definitely plan on visiting the charcuterie and fromagerie for some picnic food.

      2. We stayed at the Bastide de Moustiere a few years ago and enjoyed it. We had a good very enjoyable meal there. Not certain I would recommend it for two meals but if you are staying there it will be very convenient.

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        1. re: PhilD

          We haven't visited that area of Provence and wanted a hotel that we could also eat at for ease at times... as much as I love eating, I also want to have some lazy days of doing nothing by the pool. Are there any places that you would suggest we visit or avoid? Particularly, any local bistros with local cuisine and good wine...Thanks!

          1. re: rkmla

            I am afraid we were touring the area and only stayed for one night - wish we had stayed longer. The drive up into the gorges is magnificent but not for the feint hearted.

            1. re: PhilD

              If we find any gems - I'll be sure to post them:)