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Food for People with Braces on Their Teeth

Can anyone recommend anything good to eat - and where to get it - to an adult who just got them?

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  1. I'm 67 y.o. and recently got off the braces I'd worn for 16 months. Just about the only thing I really couldn't eat was greens (lettuces, kale, etc.) I COULD eat it but it was just sticking in the metal. Anything I was really motivated to eat I could just get in small enough pieces if necessary and put it at my back teeth. Good luck. You're going to be so happy you did this.

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      1. I can speak to what I found difficult to eat.... Tortilla chips and, oddly enough, tortillas themselves (they're soft, but they require a "tearing" w/ the teeth).

        Rice porridge? Maybe pasta w/ a cream-based sauce?

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          I popped a bracket off with enchiladas--tortillas get hard at the edges when they're baked! After you've had them tightened is when you'll really want the soft stuff. Flavored mashed potatoes were a favorite.

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            I just didn't have those problems at all. I ate pretty much anything I want but I wasn't biting much with my front teeth. After tightening I just took a few ibuprofen for a couple of days.

        2. For me 45 years ago...mac & cheese...Ice cream, Chicken livers and onions, omelets, apple pie, banana cream pie, jello, rice & beans.... and more...

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            I am about to make mac n cheese, but the chicken livers and onions ain't going to happen. Thanks.

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              Soft and delicious even after all those years!!! add some scrambled eggs to the liver and onions and you have a heart attack on a plate...but so what the Fu---

          2. You'll get used to em in a few weeks and be eating all your favorites. Popcorn and caramel maybe not but most all else.

            1. The odd thing is that I don't recall this issue when I had my first set of braces, about 35 years ago. Maybe because I didn't get it at 12; maybe because I wasn't paying for them. I thank everyone for their help.

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                Just another excuse to enjoy icecream!

              2. Milk shakes, or smoothies with a straw!

                1. I just got mine on Tuesday, 5/13. I've found that meatloaf and potatoes work well also when sore. Anything that will break apart with very little pressure, but not need to be torn with the back teeth. I couldn't do any soft bread, which surprised me, but the meatloaf tends to crumble with the very lightest of pressure from the teeth. Same for cooked potatoes - baked potato for lunch yesterday was soooo good!!! As was the meatloaf for dinner! Was nice to have something a bit more substantial to eat!!

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                    You bring up something that surprised me about bread. Toasted English muffins seemed the easiest thing which you wouldn't think. My avatar enjoyed all the sourdough toast crusts :)

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                      I haven't eaten much meatloaf, but that is about to change. Best of luck, and thanks.

                    2. i'm having a problem biting through anything with my front teeth, so no burgers, sandwiches... etc for me. Veggies that are undercooked - I don't eat many raw veggies anyway - anything too crunchy. salads only if it's a spring mix.
                      I'm about 1/2 through my second round of braces - thank goodness for vodka this time around! Can't wait to be done! :)

                      ETA: ritz crackers have satisfied my craving for crunch without being TOO crunchy.

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                        When I got to the vodka reference I had to check to see whether I had written yours. Many many thanks.