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Hamburger with ketchup and worcestershire sauce?

Does anyone else like a plain seasond grilled hamburger with a side of ketchup and worcestershire sauce" I like a 70/30 ratio.

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  1. I don't normally go for ketchup at all, but this is the combo I use to make meatloaf, and I think I might like it. So I'll try it. Thanks.

    1. Never combined the two for a condiment, but more often than not I'll put a bit of worcestershire on the raw patty while it's on the counter waiting to be cooked. It then gets topped with ketchup after it's cooked.
      Funny.... typing this reply made me ponder why I somethimes skip the wooster, and off the top of my head it seems I omit it when I plan on adding cheese. Further analysis required.

      1. Gag me, never! I'd rather eat it plain.

        1. I sometimes add a splash of WS to the actual burger patty. That and a couple drops of maggi sauce take it to another level.

          1. Before cooking I sprinkle burgers and steaks with soy sauce, Asian hot oil and garlic powder. That gives them a good flavor kick.

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              May want to consider Tamari vs. soy sauce. Not sure of the difference, but we find it has a better "kick / zing".

            2. My mom used to mix the two whenever she ate steak.

              1. My H loves this as an all-purpose dip for burgers and grilled chicken breasts. Recently he's been subbing Heinz Chili sauce (which is pretty ketchup) for ketchup.

                  1. Yes

                    (A-1 works as well for me.)

                    1. I put them both on steak

                      1. While I like WS, I do find it a little strong, so while I think I'm going to try it next tie I make a burger based on you're suggestion, I think 70/30 might be a little much for me.

                        Squirt it on when the burger it right off the grill and still hot and sizzling. I should absorb nicely.

                        Then smother it in ketchup. lol