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May 9, 2014 01:29 PM

How do you handle raw pork?

I used to handle raw pork like raw chicken, like Superman would handle Kryptonite. Now I'm less afraid of sickness and treat it like raw beef because I haven't heard of anybody getting Trichinosis from US domesticated pork well, in my whole life. They've also lowered the reccomended minimum cooking temperature to 145 degrees and I even have read of chefs preparing it raw. Is it still a threat? Has anyone you know ever gotten sick from pork parasites?

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  1. I handle it like beef as well. I also cook my chops to about medium. I hate a dry pork chop.

    1. All of my pork gets cooked to medium. Well, except when I'm doing something like a boston butt....

      1. Trichinosis in the US from commercial pork is almost non-existent and has been like that for decades. And, yes, I cook to no more than 145. A little pink is fine. I've not had it raw but wouldn't be averse to trying it. Our favorite burgers now are pork and they're definitely pink. We grind our own meat btw.

        1. I cook pork to 135F, let it rest to 140-145F. I don't know anyone who has ever been sick from pork parasites including my grandparents.

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            Yep. I worked at CDC in the mid60s in parasitology. Even then it was a non-event.