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May 9, 2014 12:50 PM

Birthday Dinner Portland

I am leaning towards Central Provisions, Twenty Milk Street, or 555. But, I'm thinking about Miyake too. I want to be wowed by the food and the ambience. I've done Opus Ten and loved it, but not into spending that kind of money when the food is just as good at some of these other fine establishments. But frankly, I'm feeling blah about all of them. I need a new and exciting restaurant to wow me in Portland. Or a new and exciting menu or chef or something! Help me make my 53rd memorable.

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  1. Piccolo definitely wowed me. If you can, reserve a seat for their Sunday Supper. Amazing service, it felt like I was over at a friends house for dinner. A really good dinner.

    Just ate at Fore Street for the third time in three years. Still impressed. They have some great stuff there but I think ordering correctly is key. I had the quail which blew me away, but I can see some of their standard items becoming a bit regular with less wow factor.

    Central Provisions is good, a different experience than anything else in Portland. The food was good, though I felt a bit too much going on in each dish for its own good. Just my opinion though, and worth checking out for sure as there is wow factor here, too.

    1. Like Mike, I'm a Piccolo fan and if you can get a seat for Sunday Supper that's the way to go (only 6 seats at the counter). You've basically served by the chef so you get that interaction. Save room for dessert. I also like Central Provisions a LOT and I know you've been there already but if you didn't sit at the counter, I'd advise sitting as close as possible to Chef Chris. I'm a fan of watching the show. Miyake also has the ability to wow though I haven't been for awhile - gotta get back soon.

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        Thanks Mike and Bobbert. We actually have not been to Piccolo. I've been concerned the space is too tight. Nothing ruins a nice dinner like loud diners. But the Sunday Supper sounds like the thing to do....another time. Thanks for that tip. My birthday is Monday and I'd like to have my birthday dinner on my birthday for a change. We do love a Central Provisions and Bobbert do, indeed, love sitting at the bar watching the chef. I'm thinking it's between Miyake and CP, unless I get more ideas. We thought about Vinland, but the menu us naturally (no pun intended) limited.