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May 9, 2014 12:42 PM

Seaside/ Seagrove Recs-- restaurants and seafood market

Looking for recommendations in Seaside or Seagrove, FL. Would rather do things within walking distance if possible (the house is technically in Seagrove but just a few blocks from the shops/restaurants of Seaside).

In particular, we're looking for:
-- A nicer restaurant with outdoor seating for a group of 12 where it would be okay to have 4 young kids for an early dinner (do V or Fish Out of Water fit the bill for this?).
-- A few "fun" restaurants that again, would be okay with a big group.
-- Ideas for takeout/ delivery-- best pizza? Other food that would be good for takeout?
-- A good fish market for cooking in seafood one night (we don't mind driving for this one)

I've done some searching on Chowhound and don't see much that's current for this area. Thanks for any help!!

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  1. Recent restaurant reviews of the area based on the past five months of living there and dining with the locals -

    Cafe 30A, Cafe Tango, Crush, Hurricane Oyster Bar, Cocoons, Flip Flops Grill, The Perfect Pig, Sundog Books, and more.