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May 9, 2014 12:39 PM

L.A.-style burritos in North County?

Hi, everyone. I've never posted a question here before, but I'm getting a bit desperate. I've lived in SD county for a year now and can't seem to find any L.A.-style burritos. All the meat burritos I've bought come with guac and pico, which is fine if I'm feeling up for one, but sometimes, I just want a nice burrito with meat, rice, beans, onions, cilantro and salsa roja. Anyone know of a place with a good version of that in North County?



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  1. Chipotle (and the meat quality/taste is actually good)

    1. I have gotten to hate pico de gallo in my burritos, so I ask to not have it added. World of difference!

      1. Any taco shop should have all of those ingredients in the kitchen, just ask for a burrito to be made that way.

        1. Thanks for the replies, everyone! Cathy--I've tried asking for a burrito to be customized and often just get a blank stare and a few minutes to explaining to try to get them to understand what I want. It's almost more work than it's worth to order it that way. As for Chipotle, their stuff is so non-traditional Mexican that the resulting burrito doesn't quite taste right.

          And yes, MrKrispy, I feel the same way about pico. Not a tomato fan to begin with, so no thanks.

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            Just yesterday, (as I was waiting to pick up my chile relleno burrito), I heard an order: 'carne asada burrito, no guac, add rice and beans'. Pico, cilantro and onions were on the salsa bar...

            That sounded just like what you're craving and was an interesting coincidence when I saw your post.

          2. Where in No. County do you live? along the 15 corridor or coastal? In Encinitas and SB you might try Rudy's or Jorge's. Can't really help you with Econdido. LA style, I was thinking you might want an El Tepeyac burrito. Good luck in finding one of those.

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              I'm coastal. I've tried Rudy's, but more for their street tacos than burritos. I'll have to check out Jorge's. I had Lola's for lunch today with adjustments. They were good about adding rice, onions and cilantro to their regular beans and cheese...but it turned out to be yellow cheese...and they forgot my carne asada. This is going in the right direction, but it still needs some work. :-)

              As for El Tepeyac, never really been a fan. I'm more looking for the typical burrito you get at most Mexican taco stands in L.A. county.