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Main course galette for Shabbos lunch

The topic on Home cooking this month is galettes. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/974235 I've only ever done galette for dessert (fresh summer berries) but it's so easy to do (with frozen puff pastry) and looks so great.

People are posting main-course galettes that would make spectacular summer Shabbat dishes served at room temperature. The feta cheese ones tempt me (I like milchig / dairy summer Shabbat meals) but this might also be a good place to use Daiyo vegan "cheese" with summer veggies.

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  1. I am a huge fan of main course galettes for summer dairy meals on Shabbat day. (Is it pronounced with a hard g like guy or a soft g like gym?? Does anyone know??) A galette plus a hearty salad with fish in it are perfect as main courses in a really nice brunch style meal--round it out with good bread, a few salads and dips, a pitcher of lemonade.

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        I make fish (canned salmon or tuna, minced onion, carrot, celery, dill, mayo or egg, salt and pepper) or ground meat (cooked and spiced with cilantro, parsley, onion and garlic, salt and pepper, sometimes coriander and cumin, then add in 1 egg per galette/lb of meat after cooled a bit) ones for Shabbos lunch (Meat last week, salmon the week before.

        I make a refreshing cold fruit soup (pureed fruit of choice with fruit juice that will not overpower flavor and color of fruit. I make two contrasting colors and do the pour in each at the same time and swirl artistically thing), Then have salatim (green salad, hummus, eggplant, carrot, tomato-balsamic vin, etc) and then the galette and some starch and two more veggies and then dessert. Yum!

      2. The secret is to use a lot of lard.

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          Or, as we say on this board, parve margarine.

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              or rendered lamb bacon fat......duck shmaltz would also be sublime

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                if you bring the lamb fat i will bring my grandmother's authentic english pastry recipe...

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                  Had a shortbread shortened with lamb fat at Pardes once, it was heavenly.

          1. I make my crust with equal amounts of olive oil and water with salt (and a little baking powder if you want) and flour to make a med-soft dough. Let rest for 5-15 minutes and roll out (use flour or parchment paper to roll out). Put filling in, you need 3-4 inches of crust around the filling not covered by filling. Fold over artistically in the galette manner. Bake at 400 until filling is cooked and galette is brown. The crust is flaky (if you add the baking powder, it will be more light and poofy).

            1. We made galettes for a motzei shabbos party just before the time change (so it was served room temp). The one that was the biggest hit had sweet potatoes and goat cheese, iirc. I will chase down the recipe if it's interesting to you.

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                Yes, please, if it's not too much trouble.

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                    Well, I didn't realize it at the time, but it's an Ottolenghi recipe. Here's the link: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/20...

              2. I made this butternut squash and caramelized onion galette for a dairy Shabbat lunch once: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2007/1...
                With real butter and high quality cheese, this was an absolute showstopper and a solid main course dish on its own.

                1. I made a kale, garlic and lemon one for shabbos lunch -- no recipe just kind of "freelanced" it based on what was in my fridge --and it was amazing.

                  I sautéed lots of garlic and some thinly cut up lemon (with rind) in olive oil. When it was on the edge of ready I added handfuls of kale and wilted it. Before putting it on the crustI squeezed it a bit to get out some of the liquid. Brushed the edges of the crust with beaten egg, baked until it looked like the right color. Served at room temp.
                  It was gorgeous looking and delicious.

                  For shavuos am thinking feta would be an outstanding addition.

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                    Sounds delicious - was there any kind of egg-based custard or filling mixed with the kale, or was it just bare on the crust? In that case, how did it fare in the oven while the crust cooked?

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                      I didn't use any kind of custard. I was going for a caramelized, very slightly crusty, olive oil-y taste and texture. I may have very slightly undercooked the veggies; in any event they were delicious. The crust doesn't take long to bake. By the way, despite my complaining in another discussion about the ingredients in pepperidge farm, that's what I used.

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                      This sounds outstanding. BTW, current Vegetarian Times features gallettes including a nice simple crust recipe. I love your filling, and will launch a vegan version this shabbat. Maybe even with faux feta. Thanks for the lovely ideas

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                        I attended a cooking demonstration today where one of the items was...are we on point or what???....galette. It was made on the fastest yeast crust I have ever seen:
                        2 1/2 c flour , 1 tsp salt, 2 to dry yeast, 2/3 c wster, 1/4 c neutral oil. (The cookbook author, Victoria Dweck, also added 2 Tbsp sugar. Up to you.) Basically mix then knead till smooth. Let rest 20 minutes. Press onto a parchment covered sheet. Fill and crimp as usual. Will be trying it this shabbos.

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                            Sorry. My spellcheck corrected that. 2 tsp.