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May 9, 2014 10:54 AM

The new hipsters in the Plateau-- L'Gros Luxe and Majestique

Has anyone been to either yet? I've heard great things about the food at L'Gros Luxe. Was thinking of hitting it up after work tonight. Think it's low-key enough for me to bring a (well-behaved) 4-year-old?

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  1. I've been to L'Gros Luxe (hate that name) twice in the last week or so. Both times I really enjoyed myself. The decor is nice if a bit overdone and phoney looking and the vibe is... Well' there's not that much of a vibe. It's a bring-your-own-vibe kind of place. The food is good, not great, but at the prices they're charging, that's really not a problem. It's honest food and really good value for money. Drinks aren't too expensive either.

    Pretty much everything I've had there was tasty. I didn't really care for the avocado fries, but the pulled pork grilled cheese, burger and pulled pork and fish tacos were all quite good. The beet and goat cheese salad was meh because it was missing the walnuts the menu promised. The parmesan and whatever popcorn was ok, but I wouldn't order it again.

    Cocktails on my first visit, the Kim Jong something, Berlusconi Negroni and Billy the Kid (sic?) were very good, but when my sister ordered the Kim Jong on my second visit it was missing ingredients and it kind of sucked. So there are problems behind the bar.

    Service is very friendly, but they are still working out the kinks so don't expect perfection.

    This place is immensely popular right now, and it's hard to get in. I would say go if you can get in, but don't waste your time if there's a line up.

    Personally, I'm going to give them a few weeks to work out the kinks before I go back. Although, I kind of fear that since they are so popular, they'll be tempted to raise prices which would make them just another trendy place charging too much for food and drink. Hopefully that won't happen.

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      they might as well have a drink named adolf hitler

      1. re: frogsteak

        They have cocktails named after Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il, Dominique Strauss-Kahn Napoleon, Berlusconi and someone named Paquete.

        Their variations on the Caesar/Bloody Mary are named after Walter Chell (the inventor of the Caesar) Billy the Kid, someone named Miyagi, and something called El Kartel.

        1. re: EaterBob

          a Mr Miyagi cocktail? i wonder what's in it

          1. re: frogsteak

            Majestique may as well name a drink after an antisemite, too.

            And this: "Well there's not that much of a vibe. It's a bring-your-own-vibe kind of place."

            This hospital cafeteria, mixed-bag seating trend can end anytime. If a place looks like a divebar, only with uglier walls, I'd rather go to a place with divebar prices.

            1. re: Shattered

              when will business owners learn to keep their mouths shut

        2. Sarah Musgrave has a (generally positive) review of L'Gros Luxe in the Gazette today:

          Moreover, she says the prices are very reasonable. And there is a separate grill for vegetables and other non-meat food items - it is very vegetarian-friendly while also serving carnivorous treats (great for certain groups of friends...)

          I'll be more likely to go to the one on Bernard, opening soon, which is a short walk down from chez moi...

          1. Finally got around to trying this place. Went to the new Bernard location. We ordered Avocado fries, Fish burger, beef burger and beet salad. Gotta say I was disappointed with everything I ordered except the avocado fries which were somewhat interesting, but was just battered and fried slices of avocado with a spicy aoili on the side. The beef burger's bread to meat ratio was way off, the fish burger just tasted like Lime juice and the beet salad was the worst of its kind that Ive ever had. Was so bland , had almost no seasoning. Nothing was expensive so I cant complain.. I should of probably ordered some of the tacos which looked better but I've been going to impactaco on Wednesdays for their 1$ tacos and having over 10 at a time so Im just sick of tacos now. Id maybe go back one more time and give it another try but first impression was not great.. Wonder if the other location is any better perhaps?

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              I was at the Bernard location recently as well and was underwhelmed, the pulled pork sliders on the pretzel buns weren't good at all, the pork was dry and the buns tasted like day old buns. However their burger was very good and at $6 I'd say thats one of the best $6 burgers I've ever had especially considering I've had far worse burgers for double the price and then some. I wouldn't rush back but I'd re-visit at some point as everyone else said their prices are very reasonable.