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May 9, 2014 10:32 AM

Any recommendations for an early dinner spot after a Saturday Disney Jr. show at the Liacouras Center?

My apologies if this is a similar request to the family friendly establishments thread but I'm at a total loss when it comes to locations in the city.
The show starts at 1 and I anticipate getting out of there by 3. We have 2.5 year old twins and we will need a beer after the show so a restaurant with a great beer list would be ideal. My girls aren't picky eaters so most likely I could find something for them on the menu wherever we end up. Thanks!

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  1. Nothing great within walking distance, but if you're driving, you could head down Broad Street to Alla Spina, Marc Vetri's Italian gastropub. Great (albeit) pricy) beer list and good food. The menu is unique, though, so you may want to check to make sure there is something for the girls.

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I'm in love with the beer list and my husband would be too. It may be a place just the 2 of us will have to come back to though because of the 4:30 opening time.

    2. The Liaouras Center is on Temple campus and is not in the best part of town. Do you mind driving to somewhere or was your goal to not have to park again?

      First place that comes to mind is Alla Spina which is just down broad street about 1 mile. They open at 4:30. I think that early you should have no problem having children with you.

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        We don't mind driving. Alla Spina looks so good but I'm afraid that we may hit meltdown territory while waiting for it to open at 4:30. I will have to go here with just my husband though sometime!

      2. Are you driving? Get away from Templetown and make a short drive due East to Fishtown which is very close and will be easier parking and diving and more relaxed in general than CC

        Frankford Hall or Fette Sau - have copious outdoor space and are very family friendly in early hours. Frankford Hall is practically a day care some weekend afternoons -

        or keep going down Girard and heat to Kraftwork for possibly the best beer list north of Vine and a atmosphere that wont scoff at a young family

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          We have been to Frankford Hall with the girls and it was great. Fette Sau is right up our alley too but I think I'm leaning towards Kraftwork this time. Thanks!

          1. re: kellylj

            I have never been disappointed with KW food is good and beer list is fun

            another place in the same area that may work is Interstate Draft House - they have a big patio and decent basic bar food and very casual atmosphere.


            I am always excited to direct people to my hood - usually it does not fit the requests though - enjoy your day with the kids in town

            1. re: JTPhilly

              We tried to go to Kraftwork but it was packed. We decided to head to Frankford Hall since we knew what we were up against. Unfortunately it was also packed. It didn't help that the rain forced people inside. Our girls were cranky so we just decided to stop at the Pineville Tavern on the way home. Thanks for your recommendations and I hope to take advantage of them in the future!

              1. re: kellylj

                How did you like the Pineville's new menu?

                1. re: cwdonald

                  There were so many things that I would have liked to try but I'm embarrassed to admit that my husband and I just ordered cheese steaks. After the afternoon we had and an unhappy child it just seemed like the right thing to do! I did say that we had to come back soon because they had a homemade mushroom ravioli with Gorgonzola sauce on their specials menu that I'm still thinking about.

                2. re: kellylj

                  It's unfortunate they were both so crowded - its always good to have a plan B in your back pocket though!