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May 9, 2014 10:32 AM

Last minute date night in the Brunswicks areas

The toddler is doing a "parent's night out" at daycare tonight, so we have 3 hours for a date night. Looking to stay in the East Brunswick/North Brunswick area so we don't kill our time with travel, and we are looking to break out of our usual New Brunswick haunts. Someone suggested Fresco's in East Brunswick, or Blue Water Grill on 18. Another thought was Thai or Indian. Thoughts or other ideas?

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  1. Lago in North Brunswick is getting good reviews. I haven't been, but it sounds like a "date place."

    1. I like Steakhouse 85 b/c they have a Jazz band and a Friday night date night special which is usually fair priced.

      I also like the place around the corner, let me google it...Due Mari

      Clyd'z has better than decent food and a great scene, if you can tolerate the young crowd as the night gets later