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May 9, 2014 09:47 AM

Spiritos, Providence

Has anyone been to Spiritos on Broadway in Providence? Just wondering if it is good.

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  1. I've been once for lunch, not dinner. I thought it was...fine, I guess. Italian places have a tough row to hoe with me since as far as I'm concerned, no one can top my nona's gravy, but to be fair, this was basically standard Italian-American cuisine. Personally, I like my food well-seasoned, and someone in the kitchen was pretty stingy with the salt. Nothing looked super fresh, but it was more or less edible. The ambiance is a hoot (it reminded me a funeral home, and actually might have been one at some point in the past.) The service was beyond slow, and IMO the payoff was not worth the time. I know some people have a real soft spot for this place. I don't get it, but everyone's entitled to their opinion. Personally, I won't be going back.

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      never been there but this review is EXACTLY what i would have expected.

    2. Thank you so much Rhodyhen!! It does not sound like my kind of place. Always best to check because you never know! I laughter out loud when I read the funeral home part!

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        I've been a number of times since the New Year, and have very much enjoyed it on every visit. Each time I have gone, I went with new friends/family members and everyone has been happy with it. (Three of these people went on to have private parties there, to which I have been invited - and it was great every time).

        When it comes to Italian food, I am picky being from an Italian family with plenty of cooks (except me!). The food is best described as 'traditional' and plentiful. It's not daring or 'artsy' - it's what you expect if you dropped into someone's Italian home one evening for dinner. If both owners are not in the kitchen each night, at least one of the owners is (I believe they are 2 brothers). They used to be in East Providence for a very long time, before moving to this location about 15 yeas ago. Every time I have gone (Sunday dinners and during the week) I have never been disappointed with the food or service.

        As for the building itself - it was originally the home of the Shepherd family - founder of Shepherd's Department Store in Providence - built in the late 1800s. It shares the same woodwork and architectural style as the old store built around the same time (it is now URI extension downtown). It then became a Funeral Home around the 1930s (maybe earlier?) and then became the restaurant shortly after the Funeral Home closed in the late 1990s. There's a lot of history in this building.

      2. Thank you for your comments OOliver! When you put it that way Spiritos sounds like it is worth a try!