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May 9, 2014 09:43 AM

Condiments for hot dogs

Don't laugh.

I'm here in Rome planning a cookout Sunday for a group of mainly Italian friends expecting an American experience. I have decent potato salad and cole slaw in my repertoire. We'll grill hamburgers and probably cook spareribs in the oven. I have good hot dogs, and even buns, i just brought back from New York. I have mustard and ketchup but I forgot to buy relish, and I'll never find it here in the time available (if ever). I will probably be able to buy sauerkraut (from Alto Adige), but, much as I love it, it seems a little more New York than the rest of the menu. Or does it? What else could I serve as an alternative?

Many thanks!

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  1. Do you have celery salt? That goes on Chicago style dogs, and coleslaw tops a lot of dogs I've had in NC.

    Don't laugh at this question---are pickles available? Minced, you could have an ersatz relish. Don't forget chopped onion.

    1. Another popular NYC hot dog condiment is this cooked onion relish, served warm:

      And yes, sauerkraut is a must for many New Yorkers, myself included. Sorry 'bout the pickle relish.

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        That's my jam...cooked onions and sauerkraut. Nom nom.

      2. I'd be more inclined to have sauerkraut on a larger sausage like bratwurst or kielbasa, but I wouldn't automatically discount the idea on a hot dog. From what you already have on hand, cole slaw topped hot dogs with bacon or chili would be an ultimate treat. Or if you have access to pickled cucumbers, you can always make a quick relish to offer your friends.

        1. Can you get some sort of pickled peppers, or even a giardiniera? If you chop either of those up a bit, they'll be even better than relish.

          Some cheese can be nice on a hotdog, especially if it's a bit sharp. If you melt it all on there, it tones down the bite of the sauerkraut, too.

          1. kraut is a must in PA too, I think its pretty "American"

            In TX (and presumably elsewhere) "coney dogs" are popular - chili (no beans) cheese and onions although I never recall actually eating them this way at Coney Island or anywhere else growing up in NY.

            what's more "American" than taking meat, covering it in more meat and then fake cheese - so wrong but I do love a coney dog. Do they even have "Whiz" in Italy?