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May 9, 2014 07:41 AM

Chateau Yquem to hold first flash sale

Interesting article . . . especially the added note at the end.

And yes -- *my* title is correct; Decanter's is incorrect: the name of the estate itself is Château Yquem; the wine is Château d'Yquem (with the "d'"). Since a wine cannot hold a "flash sale," but an estate can . . . .

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  1. Not yet (quote):

    Update as of midday, 8th May: Twenty four hours after this sale was announced, Vente-Privee informed that the original sale date of 11th May has been cancelled. The sale is set to be re-arranged, but no fixed date is yet known.

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      Yes. That's why I said above, " . . . especially the added note at the end."