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May 9, 2014 06:41 AM


A brunch to remember at NOLA's first and only 5 "A" establishment. doesn get much mention here for some reason. Perhaps its out of the way just enough from the tourist routes. Once you are done with the Commanders and Coquettes this is a solid option after your Garden District walk. Make resvs tho

Great looking Bloody Mary bar. but opted to be served rather than do our own (Blister galore, new shoes, Women schwomen you know what I'm saying?). The BM was on the spicier side, loaded with all the usual veggie suspects including broccoli and okra, along with nuts, bacon, car keys, and god knows what else they put there. Bread Pudding, Bloody Mary, drinking in public are some of the things New Yorkers need to experience in NOLA. Every time I try any of these in NYC I’m either disappointed or arrested.

Speaking of Bread Pudding, the savory bread pudding in Atchafalaya is outrageously good. Filled with Mushroom, Sundried tomatoes and topped with tomato sauce, addictive stuff to say the list. Shrimp and Grits were probably the best I ever had. Huge plump gulf shrimp with a tangier darker looking sauce. Another fantastic dish is the Eggs Atchafalaya, sort of an Egg Benedict but with fried green tomatoes and crab. Fried green tomatoes one of the specials here, adding much needed tartness to some dishes. Crab and poached eggs are featured all over the brunch menu. Another winner was the Oyster Rockefeller special. There was beautiful bacon, creamy spinach, more delicious grits, meaty glorious fried oysters, and yet another poached egg tying everything together.

Highly recommend. Pictures here..

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  1. Café A gets mentioned but mostly for the brunch. The menu has changed a bit and the costs gone up a bit but it is still popular with locals and tourists.

    1. So, is it better to go to Atchafalaya for brunch? I made an OT rez for dinner (Sunday, July 7) many weeks ago (before the calendar let me book at CP, etc.) but I still have a Saturday and a Sunday open for brunch-time. Should I change the rez and find another Sunday night dinner?

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        I don't know that brunch is better but it is probably more popular with locals and visitors. The DIY Bloody Mary Bar and jazz band are a nice plus to the food.

      2. Sorry, I meant Monday the 7th. I'm working with preprinted HP weekly calendar sheets and, not payiing attention, thought the first column was Sunday but it's Monday. Our Atchafalaya reservation is Monday night at the moment.