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May 9, 2014 05:33 AM

Favorite health food, regular-food alternative, OR nutritional supplement

Is there a particular health-food, supplement, or regular-food alternative.. that you really enjoy?

For example: I love nutritional yeast. And I am wondering what other 'health-foods' or 'replacement foods' people enjoy.

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  1. We pretty much eat regular food that's healthy! :-)

    Once in while, if I know that I'll be in an uber-long meeting where there's no food/snacking, I'll bring Muscle Milk Light as a lunch replacement. It's not as satisfying as a good lunch, but I can live with it.

    1. This question is pretty difficult to answer. I love nutritional yeast as well. I probably eat a lot of supplements or regular-food alternatives that you're thinking of but to me they are sort of normal. I love protein shakes-pure Whey and or Muscle Milk powder. Any examples?

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        It is a bit hard to answer as I eat things daily, that most people...don't. Lol.
        Coconut oil, rice bran oil, chia and hemp seeds, kombucha, shio koji, maca powder, nutritional yeast, Konjac root powder, gelatin powders...the list goes on and on. I am quite sure most people would think my pantry is weird.

          1. re: sedimental

            thank you, some of those are new to me.. which is why I made this thread because I want more items/oils/powders to incorporate into my diet that maybe I wouldn't know--yet

            1. re: GraceW

              Yes, it is a really good question! It is hard to answer for me, because I have incorporated so many of these "different items" for decades, into my daily cooking- so now I don't really think about it much.

              I think more about it when it is a "new" item or process to me. Like, making my own lovely coconut milk from unsweetened dried coconut flakes, then researching how to use the "pulp" left over. Esoteric health foods and techniques are fascinating and fun for me. Some things I keep in my daily routines, some I have passed up. I don't always jump on the latest "thing" consistently, but I like to try most of them at least once! I don't want to miss anything :)

        1. Since 98% of my diet is vegan whole food I think most of what i eat would be "healthy" or a "replacement food"....!
          Delicious vegan foods i have introduced to omni friends who now love them include:
          Smoked tofu
          Banana soft serve
          Homemade larabars
          Cashew cream
          Tempeh bacon
          Coconut bliss ice cream

          I avoid anything with ingredients i can't pronounce or fake science lab foods.
          (No daiya or boca burgers here)