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May 9, 2014 05:05 AM

Bus of college students LEAVING NYC back to New England via New Haven: quick lunch for a crowd?

Thanks to all of the NYC chowhounders who responded to my inquiry about lunching with a group of students upon entering the city (I'm leaning toward the Chelsea Market...). Now I'm trying to figure out what to do when we leave the city, on Sunday around 2pm. Are there any cheap, delicious and quick lunch spots north of MOMA and on our way to the highway that I should consider? MANY THANKS! I'll have about 20 students.

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  1. Angelo's Pizza
    Szechuan Gourmet
    Menkui Tei

    1. Shake Shack UES 86th between Lexington and 3rd, that would be my choice for quick, delicious and affordable.

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        Shake Shack is cheap(ish), delicious but on a Sunday at 2:00 not really so quick (though UES is not as bad as Mad Sq)

      2. Pick a bagel on ues, the 2nd ave location has the beat seating options. Aside from bagels they also have tossed salads- easy to spend $10 or less