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May 9, 2014 04:54 AM

where to find coagulant for making tofu?

Hi guys,

I am planning to make organic tofu at home. Since a single or a combination of coagulant is needed, I am wondering if I can find them locally.

Coagulants I would like to experiment with are nigari(magnesium chloride) and GDL(glucono delta lactone). I'll pass gypsum as I am worried about the already-too-much calcium intake.

Any idea would be welcome and appreciated!!!

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  1. I'd try natural food store (rachel-bery, ... ) or maybe at Myamoto (japanese store on Victoria st.) or other asian stores.

    1. A few years ago I bought a 250g bag of nigari at Tau in Laval. Not sure if they still carry it or if it is available in other locations. Cost was just under $20 and will make A LOT of tofu.