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May 9, 2014 01:27 AM

Good Eats from San Francisco to Tomales up the coastal route to Eureka

I will be traveling in a few weeks from SF to Tomales (stopping at Ramini Mozarella) and heading up the coastal route to Eureka. I am looking for good eats, any interesting food stops/stores/stands.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You should also post on the California board since you will go beyond the limits of the SF Bay Area board past Sonoma county.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Those are discussed on the SF Bay Area board, where this post started. So are Sea Ranch and Cazadero.

      2. River's End, Jenner (note name is identical for both the inn and the restaurant)

        The moderators might move my post to the CA board, as per Tripeler's warning:

        We were flabbergasted at how bad the food was at the highly-rated 301 restaurant in the Carter House Inn/Eureka. On a 5-1/2 week trip from Oakland through the PNW and back, it ranked dead last; the worst meal by far. Brick & Fire Bistro was pretty good, Kyoto's Japanese food surprised the heck out of us (spouse and I are both Asian) for excellent quality at reasonable prices.

        Mendocino's food scene has flagged badly due to a crushing lack of tourists, in the usual delayed hit of the recession. A number of B&Bs have closed or admit they are suffering. We had a terrible meal at Cafe Beaujolas/Mendocino last year, which heretofore had been a destination restaurant for us. We were really shocked; this was our fourth visit and bore no resemblance to the great, perfectly balanced food we had eaten before.

        Just south of Fortuna is Northern CA's best gem/mineral shop: Chapmanā€™s Gem & Mineral Shop & Museum. Really stunning specimens at remarkable prices well under what you find in the Bay Area. Even if you're not a rockhunter (and we aren't), it's worth the stop.

        1. This will probably get moved too, but Two Fish Bakery in Sea Ranch has pizza nights on Friday and Saturday. I haven't had the baked goods but have heard good things.

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            Sea Ranch is in Sonoma County. Gualala, the nearest town, is in Mendocino County.

            Raymond's Bakery in Cazadero has pizza night on Fridays. Fun local scene.


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                For hole in the wall in Fort Bragg, Piaci is a good thin crust pizza place with an even better beer selection.