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May 9, 2014 12:09 AM

Where would you eat?

Going to Honda Center Anaheim on Tuesday 6/3 to see Lionel Richie. Driving from Ventura. Granddaughter is veggie, Grandma and I are not. Where would you stop for dinner on the way down ... say 5-6:30?

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  1. Do you want to be closer to the Honda Center before you eat or would something in the Tarzana/Encino area work just as well for you? If Tarzana/Encino would work then either Itzik Hagadol or The Hummus Bar & Grill would both be good choices.

    Assuming you are driving the 101 to the 5 going south then Joe's Falafel in Studio City is another good place for you veggie/non veggie group.

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      ...and then he'll be stuck on the 101/5 trying to get to his show.

    2. Napa Rose in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is upscale but still casual and has food for all of you plus is just blocks from the Honda Center, It's expensive ($30 and up) but here is the menu for you to check out. Don't know your granddaughters age but they also have a children's menu. Free Valet parking with dinner. Really good food and service. Enjoy the show.

      1. If you want really casual Portillos in Buena Park near Knott's has good Chicago hot dogs and Italian Beef Sandwiches and even a good grilled vegetable sandwich and very nice made to order salads for your granddaughter. Fun place.

        1. Can you specify any preferences on cuisine/location en route/price (other than veggie-friendly)?
          Otherwise that's such a huge swath of territory to even think about

          1. Thank you all for the suggestions ... many fine ones thus far. Ciao Bob ... that was my intent - no filters or qualifiers. Just read the question and whatever pops into mind was the goal. Btw, gdaughter is 24 so the childs menu ship sailed long ago and she's not even the oldest ha ha. Thanks again all. Keep 'em coming!

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              Fair enough rtom816 - I will play
              I might take PCH for Nobu Malibu
              I might take the 5 and stop in Boyle Heights for La Serenada di Garibaldi
              I might stop for Cook's Torta's in South Monterey Park
              I might stop in DTLA for Bestia or Factory Kitchen

              1. re: Ciao Bob

                OP has to get from Ventura -> Anaheim (Honda Center) on a Tuesday in time for an ~8pm show.

                it would be tough (at best) for OP to hit these spots during the specified 5-630 time period.

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                  With all due respect ns1, this is your second comment on the timing - fuggetaboutit! rtom816 asked us to ignore the other issues.
                  So, let's help rtom816 with places to eat and let rtom816 worry his/her timing. For all we know he/she wants to miss as much of Lionel as I would want to (just kidding, sort of).

                  1. re: Ciao Bob

                    in that case, OP may I suggest stinking rose on la cienega for their best-in-class steak?