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May 8, 2014 10:14 PM

Bay Area Check Please: Old Jerusalem, SF; Baker Street Bistro, SF; Massimo's, Fremont

Bay Area Check Please that aired Th 5/8/14: Old Jerusalem, SF; Baker Street Bistro, SF; Massimo's, Fremont. What do hounds think of them & any recent reports?

Website w/ videos & reviews:

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  1. Old Jerusalem is the best Middle Eastern in SF by a mile.

    1. Old Jerusalem is great. They have some unusual daily specials.

      Massimo's sounds like old-school fun: tableside Caesar salad, cherries jubilee, bananas Foster.

      1. Does anyone know if the Massimo in Fremont is related to the one in Walnut Creek?

        1. Here's Old Jerusalem's vegetarian appetizer sampler to-go I got a couple weeks ago. I also sampled the beef shawerma that I found much too dry. Hummus and baba ghanouj were the stars of the plate with whipped fluffy texture and both dominated by the taste of tahini. I liked the cauliflower and falafel too. Fried eggplant was oil-drenched. Fresh pita. Not sure what the brick reddish selection with beans might be, didn't like it any way.

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            1. re: davidg1

              Could very well be, as it was warm. Mostly liquid-y bean paste and a few whole beans that looked darker than dried/rehydrated favas to me.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Definitely ful. Rehydrated favas can be really dark.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  I'm not the biggest fan of ful, but OJ's rendition is pretty well executed.

                  Along with their outstanding hummus and baba ghanoush, they make a really excellent moussabaha. Plus I would highly recommend their lentil soup.

                  As a side note, on the recommendation of a Chowhounder in another thread, I had a meal at Alibaba (also on Mission). Their falafel was better than OJ's, but hummus, although better than many, didn't come close. And lentil soup was horrible.

                  1. re: davidg1

                    Laughing at myself for not recognizing the ful. Guess it was because it was so watery and I did not enjoy it. I've driven in search of ful . . . my favorite version at a place in San Bruno that has closed,

                    I want to try the moussabaha at Old Jerusalem.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Not good that the ful was watery, it certainly should not be that way. sounds like they messed it up. Especially because the way they make it is to turn into mostly a paste (which is how a lot of people make it and is the Palestinian/Jordanian/Israeli style I believe) as opposed to a lot of whole beans which runs a greater risk of being too watery.